Celery Juice – Hype or Cure?

Some believe that very miracle medicine exists, and it is as simple as tossing a few boring old celery sticks into a juicer.

By Roni DeLuz ND, RN, PhD.

If you heard of a “miracle” medicine that could protect against high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, acid reflux, help with weight loss, etc., and all you had to do was drink it once a day, then you’d be all in, right? Especially if you found out it was for sale right at your local supermarket, no expensive co-pays or insurance claims required.

Some believe that very miracle medicine exists, and it is as simple as tossing a few boring old celery sticks into a juicer. That’s right — drinking celery juice has become a serious trend, and according to its devotees, it is a health game changer.

Juicing, of course, is nothing new, and juice-based cleanses and liquid diets are always super popular this time of year. The 21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox led the juice trend over 12 years ago. However, celery juice is different. The juice is not supposed to replace any meals or provide you with liquid calories; rather, you drink it with your normal meals. It’s a juice, not a program.

What’s the BIG DEAL?

It is a plant of the Apiaceae family (aromatic, flowering plants) and is consumed as a vegetable. It has high antioxidant properties and high fiber content. It can be found throughout the world and is an integral part of cuisines. It is used as a fresh herb stalk mostly, but can also be found as seeds, oils, and powders. There is even a “one a day” celery pill!

BUT! Celery is not good for all individuals.

Celery belongs to a small group of foods that can cause a severe allergic reaction. Those who are allergic to celery should be cautious and check food labels, as even small traces of celery can cause a reaction. We tend to think that celery has a high salt content, but the daily recommended allowance is 1,500 milligrams and just a few stalks of celery are only about 120 milligrams. So, it is considered a low sodium food as long as you are aware of its potential for fast absorption, which can lead to higher sodium in the body if drinking large quantities of celery juice. Too much juice can raise your blood pressure or cause water retention.

Celery juice has gained popularity as a health tonic that can bring weight loss benefits, boost energy during workouts, and even improve the appearance of your skin. Bowel movements may change after consuming it. This is a normal reaction as your body detoxifies. Stools may be loose from drinking a greater amount of liquids. If celery juice is too cleansing, just add six ounces of cucumber juice to it for a gentler version, though with fewer benefits. If you experience bloating from celery juice, it is your body’s way of telling you how toxic your digestive tract is. With time and healing, the bloating will go away.

Celery JuiceCelery is medicinal.

Celery by itself is literally the undiscovered medicine of our age. It is amazing what celery can do for the body. We are now accepting the powerful ways in which celery juice can improve health, rather than viewing it just as a spice or flavoring.  Here are four significant health properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties: What does that mean? It means that celery juice is very effective at helping with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions that end with itis, such as Colitis, IBS, Otitis Media, and Urethritis.

Helps to ease digestion: If you are prone to bloating or constipation, then celery juice could be the answer. More than just the anti-inflammatory properties I mentioned above, celery juice helps produce stomach acid that is vital for proper digestion. In addition, it actually helps ease acid reflux, keeping the extra stomach acid in control and you a happier person.

Could help prevent cancer: The same Flavonoids, Apigenin to be precise, that are helping you digest better could also help you prevent cancer, specifically breast, digestive tract, skin, and prostate cancer. The antioxidants in celery help protect you and stop your cells from getting damaged and mutated, which is what can possibly lead to cancer cells forming and growing.

Keeps your bones strong: Celery is packed full of vitamin K, which plays a big part in keeping your bones strong because it works with vitamin D to help take calcium to your bones. And with the uptake of calcium, your bones are stronger and become less likely to break or get fractured! What’s also cool is that with the huge intake of vitamin K, your body can start to heal itself from wounds better and faster.

I believe we live in such a state of malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies that we respond favorably to concentrated fresh juices with natural enzymes. One out of three people are obese, according to the American Center for Disease Control, mostly due to our food inadequacies. We all have individual needs and different metabolic rates, so we need to stop isolating one nutrient from another. Ultimately, we need a lot of nutrients to sustain health and prolong healthy aging.

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  1. Mr. Harvey it is so clear that , the enemies are so mad and so j. aloused of what you stand for . God ‘s never too late ,He’s always on time ,since I know you believe in our creator so The Best is Yet To Come.

    1. Thanks, this is great information to implement for myself and to share!!! ????

  2. I just down loaded information about celery juice yesterday. This makes it clear. Due to a lot of health issues, I felt I needed something natural. I’m on a mission to get heathy without doing harm. My journey is one of mind, spirit and body.

  3. god bless you steve. im the lady who picked the tulips like you said you use to!

  4. God bless you and your family mr harvey.i know that you are a very blessed man. My husband love your show with a passion. I am hoping to be able to meet you someday.

  5. God bless you and your family mr harvey.i know that you are a very blessed man. My husband love your show with a passion. I am hoping to be able to meet you someday.

  6. Thank you for the information I will definitely try this .

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  8. Mr Harvey I just listened to your success story today and I just want to thank you very much for putting this out there and to thank God for sending me to your page this evening. That’s just all I needed as a young comedian who is trying leave a legacy in the course of his puersute
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