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Dating in the Time of Quarantine

By Bela Gandhi, Founder & President Smart Dating Academy

The scare of Coronavirus has taken over the planet, and yet dating apps are having peak activity right now. With 48% of Americans single, and quarantined, people have the time and desire to make new connections.

Are people actually dating right now?

Yes! They are FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom dating. Dating on video is easy and most of the apps have quickly added video chats. It’s cheaper, faster, and less intimidating than meeting a stranger. A video date ensures that you don’t have to worry about who pays, and the date only needs to be 30 minutes long!

How do you do a video date?

Find a good-looking spot in your house that’s well lit. Always be lit from the front, or face your light source. Use living room windows, or even put a desk lamp above your monitor.

Dress to impress! Act as if you were going on a real date. You can have your sweatpants on the bottom, or fuzzy slippers, but it should be all date from the waist up. Do your hair, and look like you would if you were actually going to meet in person. You’ll look good and feel so much better.

Don’t talk about the gloom and doom of Coronavirus. Have positive questions – have you learned something new about yourself? Have you picked up a new skill? What are you watching? Listening to? Stay positive, and be energetic. Energy and positivity radiates across a screen!

What happens after quarantine?

Hopefully you’ve got a whole pipeline of people that you’ll have been FaceTiming with so that you have a bench of people waiting to go out with you.

Want more from Bela? Every Thursday night at 7pm CDT, Bela hosts a dating/relationship chat on Instagram live – it’s free and an awesome way to get new tips, get inspired, and chat with other singles. Follow @smartdatingacademy to join!

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  1. I signed up for your newsletter and I have received non for a couple of months. I need to connect with Steve. I have potential questions I need to ask him.

    1. Hi Selestini, we will double check to make sure you are on our interest list. Thanks!

      For all other questions, you can email: [email protected]

    2. I’ve been single for almost 10 years. Please share any best practices in dating. I’m not on any dating apps or websites.

  2. Ready to date but whats the safest website to be on?

  3. How long should you continue to stay in a relationship with your spouse when they continue to take you for granted? Especially, when you have known this person for over 40 years? I no more energy for this man, and ready to move on. He takes no blame for all of the mistakes that he has made, and shifts the blame on me every time. I believe this is the work of Satan, and I refuse to continue to live this way. I am at the point of hating my husband, but I have to Honor God and love this man. I believe that God wants us to be happy, and live a great life. I also know that God Honors marriages, but He knows if you have given 100 percent. When I gave my life to Christ years ago, I continued to work harder on my marriage. But he continued to do whatever he wanted to. Our kids are now grown, so I believe it is time to move forward and be happy. Marriages will have their up’s and down’s, but it takes 2 people to make it work. I have no more energy for this man. Lastly, I must admit my husband is a great provider but I need to be happy. I am done.

  4. I am a 51 years young and a single mom of a child under age 10. Any dating tips for my age group? When should a man i am dating meet my son?

  5. I have been in an on and off relationship with the father of my second child for the past 6 years, we have constant argument and fights and I keep forgiving him and the cycle repeats itself. For past 2 months now I have broken off the relationship and I try to focus on me and bettering myself… However he keeps texting me telling me he is horny and all that stuff and I’m not interested and I tell him that but he continues to do so… He barely wants to maintain his child or give me money when we were together.
    Steve I need your advice

  6. Hi Steve I am a 61 girl and I don’t look 61 and I am looking for a nice person that like to have fun and no what he want out of life I have been single for 10 years and I can’t find the right man can you help me please

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