Little Big Shots: Forever Young

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To say that this pickpocket has a light touch is an understatement!

This Gambling, Smoking Grandma Is A Hoot, And Steve Can’t Get Enough!

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Steve Is Absolutely Hilarious In This Inflatable Suit

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These Two Cussing Grandmas Keep It Real, And Steve Can’t Get Enough Of Them

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This YouTube Star Became A Celebrity At The Young Age of 86

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Even Steve Gets To Play A Part In Sladek’s Amazing Routine

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Started in 1934, now she’s here!

Started in 1934, now she's here!

This strong woman is 81 years young… And she’s got the muscles to prove it!

This strong woman is 81 years young... And she's got the muscles to prove it!

Get To Know The “Forever Young” Oldest Bodybuilder

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