Gated Community or Whatever

Can’t just have you walking up to my doorbell talking about ding dong “Steve here?” Hell Nah LOL

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  1. Hello Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Strawberry
    I’m a 51 ur old woman who’s been married for 33 years.My Husband is the Best husband a woman can have. But I found God a few years ago and changed my wicked ways. We have 3 kids together 33,28, and 23. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think none of these kids are his. SMDH THEY don’t act or look like him at all. I want to come clean but my husband is a stubborn man and if I tell him I know he’s going to leave Me without a doubt. It’s killing me on the inside. Should I tell him or let sleeping dogs lie???

  2. You do not have to explain ‘naw’ …..because Georgia bull ‘dawgs’ and Arkansas ‘hawgs’ says it all.

  3. Let them sleeping dogs sleep. Don’t go kicking them by telling your husband the truth now. Take it to the Lord ask forgiveness from Him and then forgive yourself but leave them dogs alone.

  4. Omg! Mrs. Anonymous, you should just let sleeping dogs lie. If you’ve been married 33 years, I suspect your husband has some idea that the children possibly might not be his. Not knowing probably gives him hope that he is the biological father. Don’t mess up your happy home! If the matter really concerns you, speak with your Minister or a higher authority about it.

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