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Rethinking Date Night

Fun ways to ensure your dates aren’t drab

By: Jessica Johnson

Dates are a wonderful expression of your interest, how much you care and how you value quality time with that special someone. But between Tinder and Twitter, dating has become more complicated than ever. For some reason, there’s a social media argument about dates almost every week. What constitutes a date? How do you rank a request to “Netflix and Chill”? Should the first date cost $200? How many dates before you’re a couple? Then there’s this gem- what can couples do when the regular “date night” gets dull? When your love has been established, how do you keep the sparks flying? We took the time to of some creative rendezvous that will let your love shine.

Rev Up Your Movie Plans

With Netflix and Firesticks, it’s easier than ever to see a movie these days. But that also means that theaters are doing more to get butts in seats. From the concessions to more adult beverage options, going to the movies isn’t the dull encounter it used to be. Lunch dates are a sweet interlude to otherwise long days. So we suggest grabbing your honey and taking in a matinee with a nice beer or cocktail (extra points if you take in a midday horror flick).

Spend a Night at the Museum

Did you know that most museums have late night, adult-only admissions? Museums are a great date idea because it allows you to learn (or reaffirm) the interests of your lover, while giving plenty of room for new memories. With so many traveling installations and rotating exhibits, you can open yourself up to worlds far beyond your reach. Along with the child-free atmosphere, there are sometimes live bands and a little night cap may be allowed. So check your local museums for a chance to live your best historical life.

The Great Outdoors

So long as allergies don’t weigh you down, there’s a plethora of things to do outdoors. Think beyond the city park and take a day trip. There are landmarks, vista points, hiking trails, and historic sites that make for a great adventure and timeless moments. If you want thrills with less dirt and bugs, try an amusement park. There’s more than one way to This suggestion comes with one word a caution- if your someone special is apprehensive about the idea of an outdoor date, ease them into it with something mild, before you go for the more extreme. Listen to your love about what they’re comfortable with and plan around their comforts to start, then save the big leaps (like skydiving, for example) for later.

Once you’re past the initial stages of courting, it’s easy to believe that you’ve worn out the sense of wonder. Don’t fall for it! Taking a minute to re-imagine your quality time together will bring you closer, give you a chance to communicate, and continue to make your love strong. No $200 needed.

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