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  1. […] This is it! Send to your favorite comedian NOW! Make sure they know to enter the Steve Harvey Standup Spotlight competition on https://steveharvey.com/Spotlight/ […]

    1. For 58 years I have been wanting to be in the right spot light. All of you who know me know that I had to say the right spot light😁. Nevertheless this might be my time because never giving up is the majestical key that’s inside of all of us. I’m glad to enter. I tried BET back in the day with my talented cat but they said that they didn’t do animals. Shout out to all of us entering and special thanks to Steve Harvey for giving us an opportunity to reach out and extend ourselves to mankind for the greater good and with love and laughter. That’s making America great. We sure need some greatness. I know I’m great and I am ready. 58 years I’m ready. God speed to all of you.

    2. First Steve Harvey is A great inspiring human being 🙏🏾 This is by far hands down the the 💯🙌🏽 the coolest thing ever. a chance for others To get an opportunity to 🌠.shine Much love . Blessings 💨 💨 Anushiik Ty

  2. What kind of videos are the comedians suppose to send in? Should it be them performing, skits or just anything funny?

  3. Great idea this should be appreciated by all especially young comedians who need a platform to be seen on a larger stage….i know i appreciate and i hope my video can make an impact

  4. My brother Elliott Vreeland from Minneapolis Minnesota has been doing comedy for a while but i feel its time he gets a chance to take his talent to the next level and this is it!

  5. I hope I get a chance to make it to the finals of the contest hopefully when I’m a big fan of Steve Harvey and I love what are you doing for black people or showing empty house on TV for black people showing black people more than just stupid niggas

  6. I really appreciate this mainly because no one really knows how hard it is as a up coming comedian especially in today’s time with it being about the most followers views and shares. Here’s a chance for me to show my talent and not worry about who is popular

    1. Man I hope I make it, I really hope they don’t just pick an American because it’s similar comedy styles, I urge you to take in other comedy cultures too.

  7. This is AWESOME!!!
    Thank you Steve Harvey for “PAYING IT FORWARD”!!

    I would Love to attend this event!!

  8. I’m going to give this a shot who knows a new career at 60 well heck!%👀💪⚛☚😂

  9. I know I can do this if I had the opportunity. I do work 2 jobs so I dont know how to mute or fix the language…but hey I rather send something than nothing.

  10. We need more contests that shine light in the Comdey community. There haven’t been anything since Def Comdey Jam to put other comedians in the light. May God bless this and grow this.

  11. Hi,

    Is this contest eligible for Canadian residents too?

    Thank you

  12. I unfortunately have survived a great deal of trauma and turned my tears into smiles and my boys have lived my crazy sick since of humor and I believe that with the proper guidance I can actually turn this into something because just me as I am what I have left in meI choose to make smiles out of my frowns hence me being here today because I’ve been praying for open mic night for six years now

  13. This is amazing!! Thank you Steve Harvey for doing this!!

  14. I would like to Thank my Heavenly Father and whoever created this Contest!… I’m a Clean Corporate Christian Comedian that goes by the name Christian Comedian E-Boogie. My Heavenly Father has Blessed me with The Ministry of Healing Humor and I Go where ever he sends me to Bring Laughter, Love, Testimonies and Encouragement!…Very unique style of Comedy.

  15. Hey Steve first of all let me tell you how you have inspired me ever since I was a young girl and someone I know and truly love just posted that he is gonna be performing at the Apollo in Cancun with you and I broke down in tears because that person is the love of my life we have know each other for about 12 years now and I made a big mistake letting him go we still have conversations with each other but I wish I had him forever thank you for seeing how talented he is o love you even more for giving him this opportunity he don’t even know am sending this message. Have a blessed day.

  16. Steve Harvey you are such an inspiration and so real!!! Thank you for staying true to yourself no matter what!!! At the end of the day It doesn’t matter what people say about you it only matters what God knows about you!!!! Love you!!

  17. Your inspirational video talking about how you gotta jump gave me life!!! Thank you! I share it with others and it brings me to tears everytime I watch it! God bless you!!!

  18. This is a great opportunity Thanks Steve !!

  19. My Prayers answered! I’m So Ready to Perform!! I’m JamminJeanne, I was Born to do this! Laughter Is Good For The Soul! I Enjoy seeing folks 😊 Thanks Steve and God Bless!!

  20. Africa come and see ooh ur son don blow

  21. Ya’ll rock! See you on stage.
    Stay peachy, my friends.

  22. Thank you for this opportunity, Steve Harvey. And Thank you for being so transparent with your journey…..Laughter is healing!

  23. Hey I’m not sure if it is too late to bring this up but I can’t miss school for this. Also I was only able to upload 20 seconds of my worst material.

    Not sure if my best friend being Jesus Christ makes a difference but yeah I’ll take all the help I can get. Thoughts and prayers are definitely welcome. Especially if you pray I get custody from my baby mama. Some money would be nice too. You can definitely pray for money or donate money to me. I don’t need a lot. Just enough to cover all expenses and help with start up costs/facility and equipment for my LLC. Maybe some extra $$$$ for insurance and business stuff when I start working more regularly. I stay on my grind and have big plans so every dollar really helps. Plus sometimes I just want to play and have fun and that costs money when you want to bring people with you. Not free loaders but family and friends you know? Like the only freeloaders I keep in my life are my children and they are definitely on a timer. And I’m not saying I’m going to leave more inheritance for one of the other or that I have a favorite but nobody believes a 4 way tie so I guess whichever one loves me the most will get more of my time and attention.

    I really want to emphasize this up front that I really do not want to be a stand up comedian.

    I just want to write comedy and leave the performance arts to more professional types who are about that life and will take it seriously.

    I’m only doing this to get noticed by anyone competent in comedy that is willing to help me learn how to be an effective comedy writer so I can contribute to the arts and prove to my children that I’m not just another Dad with some jokes. If I can make money at comedy writing shutting all the haters up would just be icing on the cake. I’m really not even good at jokes. I have stories to tell I f I can find anyone willing to listen to them. Also up front I’m not doing any of the weird Hollywood stuff. Like I’m not going to judge anyone for it but hands down I am drawing a healthy boundary on that. Appreciate the understanding.

    Anyways I’m still super hyped for this $#i+! Best of luck everybody. If you vote for me I probably won’t show up so please do us all a favor and only vote for someone who is funny and who wants to do the stand up thing. I’m not kidding.

  24. I Really Enjoy Making People Laugh Instead Of Crying , This Is A Gift I Love Sharing. Comedy Really Changed My Outlook On Life And I’m Honestly Looking Forward To Making The World Laugh Even More.. Thank You Steve For This Opportunity

  25. Really nice to give the New Jacks an opportunity to be seen and heard. I read the terms and not sure I fully comprehend the rights to my video clip , I assume it’s staying that you have rights to the clip we submit and not own our material that we write for our set.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. Thank you to Steve Harvey and his team for not only paving the way as a living legend of comedy, but also turning back around to offer a helping hand to the countless up and comedians of all ages and demographics (especially those of color) who desire to not only be noticed, but to be able to bless the world with the gift of laughter. In my own personal experience, comedy has been an essential spiritual remedy within the culture of my family, not only playing a contributing role in saving my mother’s life in her battle and victory against cancer, but saving myself and others in the everyday personal internal battles between standards of society, expectations of our friends and loved ones, and our own inner self esteem. Comedy truly is a cure, and I pray that I am able to touch the world with it through the work that I do.

    Goodluck to EVERYONE who has entered this contest, and God Bless

  27. Thank you Mr Harvey for thinking of the not so popular people. You can have all the talent but if you don’t have a million followers or likes, you’re nobody. Kudos to you for this opportunity and God already told me I won💅🏾

  28. hi steve

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