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We all associate big things with money, and millionaires have it all but does that mean everything has to be big??

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  1. I believe the very key to this question is understanding the relationship between “fulfillment” and two other words; “contentment” and “gratification”.
    In most cases, it is how you relate to the “thing” that makes it big or not. Everything doesn’t necessarily need to be big to be appreciated- it only needs to be “weighed” thoroughly (given very careful consideration) on a scale of preference and given the right value in terms of quantity or quality.
    I usually say that a rich man may want to purchase ‘peace of mind’ for $25m and a certain poor won’t be willing to sell it even for double the price. It is what it is; thank you.

  2. What??!! Is entertainment

  3. I am delighted to see that Family Feud has reached out to Ghana.I have been doing mission ministery back and forth since 2003 and I am so proud for the media to share the culture of Ghana with the Ghanain personalies on Family Feud.
    I enjoy Family Feudand Steve Harvey is quitea dymanic host
    Much love and blessings

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