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Steve Harvey Reacts To “Steve-O-Lantern” Pumpkin

Steve Harvey Reacts To "Steve-O-Lantern" Pumpkin

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  1. Love it !!!!!!

    1. Love Steve, you know he always keeps it real, and never afraid to tell you were he came from because it made him the strong man he is today, thanks for all you do.

  2. Hi Steve I think is your twin it look just like you the person who did this is very good .

  3. think the word is “PUMP-kin”…..lol….I just can’t with you Steve…..”puh-kin”….LOL

  4. Happy Halloween Steve, nice Pumpkin and it looks just like you. Oh, I LOVE the beard.

  5. Looks great steve Happy Halloween!!!!!

  6. I admire you I love you

    BUT That grey beard makes you look 10 years older and heavy in the face

    Just sayin

    1. I agree Diane wholeheartedly

    2. Your grey beard makes you look like Sean Connery.

  7. I actually think it is super FANTASTIC!
    I agree I don’t like Halloween either and we had mounds of candy growing up!
    You sound preserve the Pumpkin for your future museum!

  8. Me my self Steve non of these hoilday make sense !????????????

  9. Happy Halloween Steve you will always be a kid at heart .

  10. its wonderful and delightful

  11. ????????????????????????????????????????????
    Love your Pumpkin Steve !!!!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! Two M&Ms ? OMG !!
    Here rolling laughing at you … ????????

  12. Great likeness Steve!! I love you!

  13. Steve’s pumpkin is really neat! I am indoors today. I don’t do the Halloween scene! Would love to be on the show when I get to LA on 2/26/2019. Going on a cruise for my 70th Birthday 3/1 – 3/9/2019. Would to see Steve.

  14. Steve I love your pumpkin look-alike. I remember Halloween. It was the best we never worried about how long we were out. I loved going in the beer garden pus because they gave money. I remember getting a red Carmel apple, Potato chips, Mary janes, kit kats. Jaw breakers bazooka bubble gum and squirrel but candies, these are just a few of the things put in my pillow case, lol.

  15. I’m listening…thanks everyone!

  16. I love it…????????????

  17. I just love steve Harvey! I hope I can meet him some day. I am from west Virginia also

  18. Pun-kin……LMAO!!!!!! Looks awesome

  19. Happy Halloween Steve Harvey, may you and your family stay blessed,
    Garnette Harding

  20. I love it.

  21. Love it Steve

  22. Happy Halloween Steve! Enjoy that pumpkin it’s really special, LOL

  23. Haha. Uncle Stee, bout your head and the sound though, and also the size of the pumpkin. haha. Send that to me in Kenya and you’ll have made my 2018. Unfortunately we don’t have Halloween here, but Christmas aint that far, is it?

  24. I love the pumpkin…..I remember we used to get one piece of candy from each door……
    Happy Halloween!!!! 🙂

  25. Bring back Neighborhood Awards aka The Hoodies. My family and I attended nine years in a row! It was our adult family time. Bring it back to Vegas!! I am sure the event in the Bahamas was nice but I am not going anywhere during hurricane season. We loved the shoes in Vegas. Even family in Cleveland came based on what we told them. Remember when Bobby Brown jumped on the hood of the Ford car? LOL. Please please please. Bring it back. I am a big fan.
    Deborah Farrow

  26. Wooooow nice pumpkin. And happy Halloween to you steve harvey and be bless, me and my family we love you

  27. Mr. Harvey that’s real good they couldn’t have gotten any closer in doing you

  28. Puuh-kin! ????????????????
    I just hollered so loud in these people’s office. ????????????

  29. Great, I love your shows, very funny yet great advice on life, love, and relationships.


  31. Love the pumpkin but you what know Steve , God is good when you least suspect it just look at your self.

  32. Lol too funny. I really like the pumpkin Steve Harvey. Better yet it was even funnier to see you fluid and receptive. Sometimes we adults can be way too stiff and not enjoy a good laughter ????

  33. Miss you in Chicago Mr Harvey. Love the pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

  34. Great pumpkin look alike. You go Steve always keeping it real. Keep me laughing ????

  35. That’s really good craftsmanship. Good show today love Cedric and Steve hilarious

  36. I love it and have been a fan of Steve Harvey for many years. You should do a pumpkin for Pimpin! A Pimpin Pumpkin!…fur and all!

  37. Steve, Don’t you just love the unexpectedness of things? You bring a “WOW” when you are caught off guard. You are just “Extra Ordinary Special” when it comes to your choice of words. Steve, you more than Rock! You make the whole world smile. Just be Steve! Living your best life! God Bless you.

  38. So amazing and thoughtful…you are so blessed..and you will continue to be bless because you are blessing everyone else..keep it going Steve!!

    From Richmond Va.
    Gardenia (Dena) Washington

  39. While it’s still sweet, let’s just make a Steve punkin pie ????

  40. You didn’t need candy, you are a big piece of candy.

  41. I am a big fan of Steve Harvey, he is so funny and down to earth and not forgetting, wise.

  42. Hi Steve I love your show, and I think you are great and I do not want you to be offened by what I am going to say. But I think you look much older with the beard and the gray hair. You looked so much better before you grew your beard sorry but that’s a fact in my eyes, Thank you Linda MacKenzie

  43. Steve, who created your punkin look a like? They need to be praised! I hate halloween but i love punkins.

  44. U should find out how to stain it so u can keep it Forever!!! Very nice n if u don’t want it I’ll take it n put it out next year. Just saying. ????

  45. Too cool. I love Steve Harvey shows he can’t do any wrong in my eyes!!! By the way he working that beard no disrespect to Mrs. Marjorie.

  46. I love Steve. He is so funny. You know why I love this guy because he is such a hard working person. He reminds me so much of my Jamaican family that has more than one Jobs. He reminds me so much of my older brother who had passed on. He was such a hustler who I knew would have made it here in America if he was still alive. That is the reason why when people criticize Mr. Harvey I am so ready to curse them out!! Mr. Harvey stays blessed. We have a saying in Jamaica. “Who God bless no man curse.”

  47. Steve, women rule everything, even your comment section so the chances of me being viewed as a female is probably going to be slim.
    As usual a chuckle in the morning starts my day.
    Positive: possibilities; negative: limitations is my motto! Bermudian to the bone but fan of Steve Harvey. New Jersey 2004 – 2009, Steve Harvey in the morning “Best dressed like a million bucks, who could it be —-?” MC elite celebrating Bermuda Music Festival! We had you in our tiny island every year! Even though I wasn’t there, I heard your experience on the radio show, during my New Jersey time!

  48. The pun kin Looks great Steve ! Whoever made it did a wonderful job. I hope to meet you on your show one day. God bless

  49. I think it’s unique!!!

  50. I think it’s unique

  51. Skip the beard

  52. I Love You Steve, I believe you are who you act like you are inside and out. 100, keeping it real.

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