Styling With Elly: Iconic Steve Harvey Looks

Who needs a style update? If you need a makeover, or just want a 2.0 of yourself check out these iconic styles from my personal stylist Elly Karamoh [IG/@elly30].

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  1. I am and have been a fan of Steve Harvey for quite some time, I have just been released from prison after twenty six years and need some clothing to find an job and to wear to work. My apologies if this is not the correct and or appropriate manner to ask for help but it’s all I have at the moment.

  2. Good morning my name is Johnnie Belinda and l have designed something for the Steve Harvey line. If you can call me that would be great 585-601-3333. Thank you

  3. Coming to this post super after the fact, but just wanted to rave about mr. karamoh’s brilliant eye for fashion and nuance. He’s brilliant, it’s as if he’s tuned into a higher frequency. Also wanted to express support and solidarity with the above comment by Abdul Basir Rashan – i haven’t been incarcerated so can’t exactly relate, but I’m sure really hard to jump into things after 26 years, and I hope things are working out for you. It can be really hard to find your way, so to speak, but life is not all struggle and there are many people who have endured hardships and can and will work to help you get to a stable and prosperous place. It’s honestly folks like mr. Karamoh and seeing his talent and his work that gives me the needed boost of hope whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and hopeless – like how can it all be bleak in a world where Steve Harvey is suited up like a Boss? like Steve Harvey is a great comedian and performer and personality aside from his image, but like – how awesome is his style, right? And Harvey is so relatable and whatnot that it’s like he’s inviting all of us, especially maybe us who are older and unsure about where we fit into things, he’s reminding us that we can be visible, we can be creative, we can show ourselves and be seen, regardless of whatever presumptions about us may have otherwise constrained us. Karamoh is inviting us to feel good, look good, be good. That’s my takeaway.

  4. I’m a few years older then Steve Harvey and I’m a born again Christian and I like looking my best for the lord and I love the colors.I’m excited about the young black man and his desire to design with the black man in mind because it is about time and I’m looking forward to your next episode of fashion just for us by you .

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