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Throwback: When Babyface Gave This Amazing Acoustic Performance

The Steve Harvey Morning Show has had its share of amazing guests. Sometimes, viewers are lucky enough to hear exclusive performances from musical guests, and on December 9th, 2015, Babyface stopped by the studio with his band to perform Exceptional Live.<span id="ezoic-pub-ad-placeholder-104" class="ezoic-adpicker-ad"></span> And it was pretty magical. In case you weren’t listening that day, or you want to experience his track all over again, check out the video below to hear him perform the track live. It’s really something special, especially if you’re a huge R&B fan. The song came off of Babyface’s album “Return of the Tender Lover,” which received praise for being a great <a href="http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/babyface-return-of-the-tender-lover-20151222" target="_blank" rel="noopener">throwback LP</a>. What are some of your favorite R&B tracks?
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