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We used to go to clubs and "slow dance."

We used to go to clubs and “slow dance.” In the hood, you could play 4 fast records in a row. If there was a 5th… we was at the DJ Booth like “my man it’s women up in here, we got to get close.”

We didn’t have cell phones back in the day ????????????This is how you got close to a girl. I couldn’t text her, you wasn’t going to talk to her until the next time I saw her. You couldn’t call her house, her daddy was gone answer the phone ????????????No call waiting… nothing. You had to hold her attention until the next time you saw her. Songs used to be so sweet, you used music to tell a woman how you felt about her.

BUT NOW… the lyrics… man… y’all don’t know nothing about music.

I snuck into my first concert when I was 15 years old ????????????I rode my bicycle to Leo’s Casino in Cleveland. I crawled in the basement and watched the OJays.

I should start a YouTube channel dedicated to old school music. ‘Average White Band’ was the first white band to play live on Soul Train, nobody played live on Soul Train! This group has so much soul.

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  1. Steve……you seem so smooth on the dance floor…how about going on dancing with the stars?

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