These Two Ladies Are Living Proof That Age Is Nothing But A Number

77-year-old Marion and 102-year-old Ida share their secrets for staying fit… which includes a daily dose of Hennessy.

What motivates you to live your best life?

For Marion and Ida, stress and grief respectively led them both to shake up their routines and become the powerhouses they are today.

Miss Ida says that “loving yourself” and encouraging yourself to “keep going” drives her to stay active, but she also recommends a shot of Hennessy! Watch below for more on their stories about what they’ve overcome and how they continue to stay in shape:

Be inspired by their stories, but more importantly: be motivated to become the best version of yourself, whether it be through exercise or self-care.

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  1. Hey Steve, You are truly CLO Extrarordinaire ! There are phenominal, healthy, beautiful, active, smart, sexy ladies in their 80’s longing for male companionship. We are no longer in the workplace, on the club scene and most of the church guys are married or physically impaired…..HELP! Give us some direction. We have a lot of living still to do and a full bucket list ……just want to share it with someone special.

    I was prompted to send this to you after yesterday’s talk show (04/05/2019) watching Barbara’s appearance there and her boyfriend issue.
    I am one of the women I’m making reference to……. will share more about me should my idea seem interesting.
    PS … I wrote an awesome 635 page book recently entitled “Switchin in Da Kitchin with Mama Nem” …… sent you a copy,

  2. Both of you women are beautiful and I living examples of women in good health keep up the good work much love Virginia Queen White

  3. I want to Steve Harvey and the crew that’s some thing that I need to get off my chest I am a God-fearing person but I don’t think that this was gods doing I took care of my husband who came down with a severe case of coronavirus I stayed with him in the hospital when he begged for me to take care of him even though we was going through problems he stated that he wanted his family back and with that I didn’t hesitate I stayed in the hospital I nurtured him back he came home and then suddenly he disappeared I was devastated once again because the person I loved for over 38 years would betray me like this and go back to someone that didn’t even take care of him while he was sick I am axing for guidance understanding and compassion at this time he also left me financially devastated and all of our years together I made sure that his extended family was well taken care of and his children this man didn’t have to do anything but go to work and take care of us no cooking no cleaning nothing but the but but he used me to get better and have me risk my life so that he can go back to someone else that didn’t care a dog gone thing about him while he was sick oh yes financially he’s taking care of this Mr Glist woman tell me why do I still love him and tell me why I am not angry everyone is saying that God has a plan for me and this is what gets me my husband know how much I love the Lord so every time he came back he said I promise you to God that I’m not gonna hurt you anymore I have videos where he’s begging me to take him back I have stories how he got my children all involved saying that I’ll never let you down again in the Grand Children and what is he do he lets his doubt is this God‘s plan for someone severely devastated please read this and get back to me I would really appreciate it if you guys would give me some sort of clarity God bless take care of yourself and be safe

  4. The problem lady is you never moved on when he left you the first time. Had you gone on with your life like he did, you would never have found yourself in that predicament. His body was with you, but his heart was always somewhere else. Move on lady, you have given this man too much time, energy and power. Put him in God’s hands.

  5. Steve live watching you on family feud you are the best you make me and my husband laugh love your suits

  6. Prayer changes things
    God will see you through and you will get answers to any questions you have. Just keep the faith

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