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  1. Did Steve give permission to “turning point usa” and/or David Merkle to use his photo on a 2019 meme (still circulating) with a Bernie Sanders quote, “Nobody working working 40 hrs/week should be living in poverty” Under photo of Steve, it says, “Then stop giving their money to people working zero hrs a week”. I don’t think this sounds like Steve–rather, I think facebook needs help understanding how much of the posts they’re spreading are BS.

  2. I absolutely love Steve Harvey, when I’m feeling low I immediately find him on the internet to lift my spirits! Thank you Steve 😊

  3. You’re so funny Steve. I love you, I love your motivation. I see you as my mentor and I wish to be a better person someday.

  4. I miss Steve’s talk show!
    Any chance you might bring it back?

    1. Hi Lucinda, you can catch Steve’s show on Facebook here:

  5. No surprise, loved it! Steve I’m from Bermuda and when you came down for our yearly for the shows we had in Dock Yard! I had the pleasure of hearing you on your radio talk shows every morning. I was in cool in New Jersey and New York. I was in my early 50’s returning back to school for SW. The jingle for the show consumed my early morning to the point I would start hearing it before my morning prayer. I had to stop listening to it for awhile. Love Nephew Tommy too.

  6. I have a degree because I follow Steve Harvey advice!!!

    Many Thanks 😊

  7. Hi, mr Harvey I been trying for 3 weeks to get in touch with u . I dnt know much about your Harvey foundation. I wanted help applying for a business grant to expand my business that I already have. Will you help me.

  8. Steve, My Mother hated cigars. We were at a restaurant when I was about 12. A guy by our table was smoking one. We got ready to leave, she threw a quarter on his table and said, next time buy yourself a good one!!

  9. Funny and I really needed that laughter. Thanks🤗

  10. Let’s face it, Steve Harvey is a comic genius. He is also very smart. I am told that in order to have the ability to make others laugh, it is truly a “genius gene”. I do believe Mr. Harvey has all of that and more.

  11. How do you get A Good Husband

  12. Your funny and I would love to meet you one day my bucket list

  13. Steve my name is Sherita Danielle Jett it’s only one me with this name in the whole world. I just recently lost my Father Dear. I’m his oldest child we were living together when I found his body when he transition. I was homeless living in Detroit,MI when my Father Dear sent for me to move to Georgia. My Mother Dear & both my brothers had passed away and I was by myself now that I have laid him to rest everybody is coming at me wanting to argue about money and his things. I paid the money the 1,000 dollars that had to be paid that the Marines wouldn’t cover from my dad’s monthly earnings. I brought my dad’s suit to bury him for father’s day that he wore only one time I didn’t have any help from my siblings they never checked on my dad unless they wanted something. Now my youngest sister is threatening me because I have my dad’s car I helped my Daddy purchase his vehicle a dodge charger I want to know if I’ve done wrong because I left Georgia after laying my Dad to rest. I took care of my Dad when his doctor told me he had Dementia, high blood pressure I was there for everything. Not neither of my sister’s or brother helped me take care of him. It’s so much more I just need some Fatherly advice right now. Thank you Steve for any advice you can give me.

  14. Great! I love it.

  15. Hello,
    I need advice from Steve to know what to do next

  16. I lost my husband 15 years ago I lost my dad 4 years ago and now my best friend of 50 years she was shot last week I miss them all so much

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