A Life Beyond What You Imagined

A life beyond what you imagined!

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  1. What if I see the imagination, I hear it but I’m too stupid to get there. I argue with God a lot, but at least I’m talking to God.

  2. Thank you Steve for reminding us to keep our Faith in God, Our Heavenly Father. Also for your excellent spiritual & educational videos. 🙏 🤲 🙏 🤲



  4. Dear Mr. Harvey, My name is Crystal and I’m a big fan of yours. I’m sure you receive lots of fan mail and people asking for money. Steve, I have been down and out. I’ve Slept outside in my car however my car was repossessed . I have no way to get around. Im staying with a friend that has been really good to me however, I know he is getting tried of me. I am wondering if there is anyway that you can help me get a vehicle. I’m trying to get with a good company to where i can get back on my feet. My family has turned their back on me and I’m really struggling. If there is any way to help me with getting a vehicle, that would be awesome. I will even send you payments when i get back on my feet to cover the cost. it’s been really hard for me as well. I was helping my parents clean and keep things organized however, I’ve been talked about so bad by my sisters and my dad and the funniest thing is, I’m the only one that cleans the house. I’m very exhausted with being talked about and laughed at because i don’t have transportation. Steve, I’m talked about so bad, that it’s so sad. I have friends that i talk to about it. I’m willing to pay you back if there is anything you can help me with so i can have transportation to get to where i need to go. My family has turned their back on me and I’m the only one they call to clean a 6bedroom house BY MYSELF. Mr. Harvey if there is any way that i can get some assistance from you, i would greatly appreciate it and will pay you back every penny… and that’s a promise.

  5. I so look forward to hearing from you.

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