These Neighbors Pulled A Kid From A Burning Car

When it comes to being a hero, there’s no such thing as taking a day off. When heroes hear a call for help, they run towards it, not matter the danger. That’s what happened one afternoon when Milwaukee brothers and off-duty firemen John and Joel Reichlitz came upon a fiery scene.

A mother of two fell asleep at the wheel while driving home with her children. Her truck struck a tree and burst into flames, trapping her and the children inside the burning vehicle. Good samaritans — everyday heroes like the Reichlitz Brothers — arrived at the scene and were able to rescue the mother and one child, but her son, CJ, was still trapped inside.

While onlookers fought through the flames and attempted to reach the boy, the off-duty fire fighters arrived on the scene and worked to pry open the car’s windshield. Unfortunately, the vehicle was full of smoke, preventing the rescuers from locating the seat belt trapping CJ.
As the flames grew harsher, the brothers were finally able to cut the boy free and pull him to safety. Though badly burnt, CJ is alive thanks to the heroics of the off-duty firemen.

The daring and fearlessness shown by the Reichlitz Brothers and the other good samaritans is proof that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. All they need to do is answer the call.

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