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  1. Nothing can compare to the Love that we show 2 each other and that speaks ” Intrinsic value ” meaning it goes beyond a word or dollar amount infinite value that never stops but value is added continuously. Breakfast for the Soul 7″em

  2. What greater good can one give if he feels that he has gave so much of himself, but life is full of giving I’m not gonna cry. I’m not made perfect, but by the perfecting of Gods word in me is helping in more ways than one and I’m grateful why not me. People are like cars something for everyone and thing; me myself I’m A Tonka Truck bluilded to last

  3. “I Feel”
    Know one can compare, just another moment to see you there. Laughing and you calling me and If I ever needed you; never fail you’ll always be there, even the most encouraging word. Now your spirit fills the air and my heart, knowing that you’re right there and we will never be apart My Heart. I Feel Love 💘

  4. Hey hunnie love you and continue to be a unleashing force of Love and unlimitedness my 4ever to Glory. Happiness is the best thing you have ever done for yourself and household so never give in or up cuz up is the only way Magnificent things happen to magnificent people and that person is Precious

  5. To my brothers i prayed 2 have God answered my prayers. Blessing 2 my brothers Love yall 2 infinity and beyond and my brothers around the world 🌎 God is continuing to a Great thing in the earth, but we have to be his mouth and speak those things to a Greater ROYALTY, not to speak life into how they currently are….God’s Class. This is My Extraordinary Talent Writing

  6. People need to learn how to spell before they get on social media, point blank. Or use spell check , is that available anymore.
    Love yo all

  7. Sorry, meant to say love you all.

  8. G’day Steve, My name is Allan. W. Gray and the most extraordinary thing I do is write, and when I write most people enjoy my stories. I have written a book called “Kushy Koala and his mates in Japan” and a lot of people in your country USA want to market me because they reckon it’s a great book, but since I don’t have any money(I’m broke and living on govt welfare) I cannot go anywhere. But on a lighter note I am still writing both Kushy Koala book/stories and short stories based on the Twilight Zone, and I enjoy writing both and I hope to share these stories with the rest of the world in the future…somehow?! Soon in the future I would hope to become the next J.K. Rowling, not an impossible task just need the right people behind me and I will make it, that I am positive about. Warmest Regards Allan

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