Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s Summer 2018 Vacation

I took a much-needed vacation with my favorite person on the planet—my wife Marjorie. Together we cruised the Mediterranean Sea, ate amazing food, sipped cocktails under the sky, and saw good friends. I had the chance to relax, collect myself and recharge my thoughts. There’s nothing in the world like being out on the ocean.

Video by Matt Wood Visuals | Music: Illenium – Reverie (feat – King Deco)

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  1. I love it


  3. Mr and Mrs Harvey, my name is Cherri. I watched your vacation video and it was amazing. I can only dream of experiencing something like that you guys are so blessed.

  4. Thanks for sharing what you did on your vacation with all of us. Mr. Harvey, I’v learned so much from you, you have inspired me, and I just want to say again, Thank you, and God Bless.

  5. Beautiful! May God continue to shower you both and your family abundantly.

  6. I love, love, love this, I hope you all enjoy the life you created and continue to just LIVE!

  7. Steve and Marjorie, that was a very nice video. You deserve a fantastic vacation like that. you work harder than most celebrities during the year. Thanks for sharing. You guys are really amazing! Looking forward to experiencing and learning more from this new website. It looks like it’s going to be filled with information and entertainment that is relative for most people.
    Faithful WBLS Morning Show listener.

  8. Oh how I would love to do take a much needed vacation.

  9. Wow that was amazing! Thank you for sharing your vacation with the world!!! I can only aspire to continue work hard as I do and hopefully go on a vacation of a lifetime. God willing of course; God knows I deserve it!

  10. wow! so lovely indeed! hopefully one day myself .. loving it …
    from Jamaica

  11. Simply BEAUTIFUL! God Bless You!

  12. Omg !!!!!!!!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, thank you all so much for sharing your life with America. Your vacation seemed amazing. I hope you all enjoyed your amazing voyage(huge smiles). I love seeing love. As I watched your vacation, I smiled as if it were mine. So happy to see happy. God bless you all and your wonderful family.

  13. Breath taking

    I want to travel like this one day very soon just me and my sons.

    God bless


  14. Awesome Vacation Video.
    Enjoy your blessings.

  15. Hi Steve & Marjorie!!

    This is SO breathe taking and you both are amazing beautiful souls to me! Pray you both have continued success and keep loving each other…it’s such a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing and may God Bless!! *Smiles*

  16. Wow, This video was awesomely amazing. I can only imagine this life. Marjorie is beautiful (my girls and I call her adorable) and I love to see Steve show all his teeth whenever he laughs. I can only dream of a life so dramatically lovely. I am a street preacher, Evangelist by title, a college student at age 50 and trying to pick up the pieces to my life after so many disappointments. I’m grateful and excited about how God has blessed you both. I pray that you both remain in love and respectful to one another. In Jesus Name. Pray about everything together !!

  17. Thanks for sharing. I wish you and Marjorie all the best. May God’s blessing continue to shine on you.

  18. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Harvey,
    I watched your video and it was amazing. I can only dream of such a vacation. You guys are so blessed. Continue to do what you do. Thank you.

  19. Steve and Marjorie – Thank you both for this Beautiful video. It is so inspiring for those that are Big Dreamers such as myself to enjoy a vacation like this with my Husband and kids!! May God continue to Bless you both and the Family!! ❤️❤️

  20. Fantastic video ! Thank You for sharing. Steve and Marjorie are absolutely amazing and beautiful couple . Such a wonderful way to travel and enjoy life. I like to Read and Learn those successful people , it Inspires me. Although I’m struggling and been thru obstacles in life , since I left NY, I haven’t given my hopes and dreams . I believed that God has reasons for everything and he has plans for each and everyone of us. May God Bless You and your Family and continue to shower you both with Love . More Power to “Steve Harvey Show”. I would Love to be on your show one day. Happy Holidays!

  21. Looks like a beautiful vacation, I want to go next time.???/

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