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Are your prayers too small?

Use these Scriptures.

Are you asking God for the little things and forgetting to ask about the big things? If so, your prayers are too small. Here are the two scriptures that changed my life.

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  1. Hello,
    I believe in the power of prayers right now I am in need of a miracle in my household. I am a single mother work full time and i have been struggling in making ends meet . I am behind on my rent and i am due for my heat and electricity to be cut off . I had a few unsuspected bills last month and through me off. My commute to work is about 49 miles each way I am also need of new tires for my car . In this process i am fully trusting God that his grace and favor is over me . I am not one to reach out for help because I’ve always had it but right now a sister needs help . I am a faithful thither , sower and i ask the Lord to water my seed that may be able to see my harvest manifest . I don’t believe it is his will for me to be without a home or the things I need . The Bible tells me he is the owner of silver and gold!!!

    Lord send HELP!!!!

    Thank you in advance !!!!

  2. Thank God for creating such a great authentic individual like you Mr Harvey. You may not think of the positive impact you’ve made in people’s lives, but you’re a man with great potential in today society. You’re sending the most valuable messages to everyone young or old to embrace who they are, to know their purpose, and follow their dreams.

  3. Mr Steve you sound like a real preacher.thank you for help me understanding this .cause it’s make a lot of scents.love you.

  4. Bank of the West is the loan holder for my car and I will give you any information you want. God is Blessing Right now!!!

  5. Thank you Steve. I needed help this morning and I received this email. I believe in my heart this was a message from God to tell me he is working in, around, under and over me. I believe with my whole faith my prayers are in the works for my blessings. In Jesus name. Amen

  6. Dear Steve, I have asked GOD to save my home. I just turned 62 on January 16th. and have never been homeless. I wanted to pass down my home to my son. I became a widow in 2008 and I managed to keep up the mortgage payments until I became ill last year. I will take your advice and read and write down my dreams. I guess praying to save my home is to small.
    LeDonne Simmons

  7. You’re dead on it, Steve! Requests with relentless belief, vision, and action-oriented belief Sho’nuff brings it to pass. Request made February 3, 1994 came to pass December 1995!!! Sho’nuff and Amen!!!

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