The 3 Most Important Characteristics You Need For Success

“An essential part of your makeup has to be getting honest, getting real, and being willing to take on new actions.” Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success

There are some essentials that successful people have as part of their makeup—and no, this has nothing to do with cosmetics. Both men and women have their own “makeup.” For successful types, it’s what  helped them get to where they are today. Without these necessities in someone’s “makeup kit”—or the qualities and traits that help define a person—it’s difficult to make it to the top of the ladder of success that so many people attempt to climb.

So what makeup do you need to succeed?

Three of the most important characteristics include being honest with yourself, being real, and being willing to change.

1. Be Honest With Yourself.

If you lie to yourself about why you’re where you are in life or you continue making excuses, you won’t be able to see your true situation for what it is. Sit down and think; identify what’s blocking you. It could be fear of failure (or even fear of success). Be completely honest about your current circumstances, why you’re there, and what’s holding you there.

2. Be Real.

Are you someone who procrastinates or who hates admitting you’re wrong? Do you blame others for your failures? If so, it’s time to work on these negative traits and turn them into positive ones. You might need someone in your life to hold you accountable. For every characteristic that you need to work on, create a plan to turn it around and put that plan into action.

3. Be Willing To Change.

This isn’t easy, especially if you’ve practiced the same bad habits for years. However, it’s not impossible if you want it badly enough. Take each day as it comes, making positive changes bit by bit. Encourage yourself when you do well, and don’t beat yourself up too much if you fall short. Simply pick yourself up and start over.

When you have on the right makeup, it expands the number of opportunities on your horizon, so check that your makeup bag has all the essentials in it if you want to succeed.

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  1. Love this.. Saving it for me and passing it on to my kids☺

  2. I think it’s time for me to stop helping others and time for me to focus on myself.

  3. Thanks Steve thinking positive for sure and believing in God and myself

  4. I have this problem bad .. I own my own small business and I always find ways to mess things up for myself then when I’m home at night I’m beating myself up for the mistakes I made that day

  5. Thank you so much, Steve Harvey
    I am going to pass this down to my children
    More so as their father refused to be in their lives since 2007. I shed tears watching my boys trying to learn to put on their own ties from YouTube and later as they were struggling to learn the best way to shave.

  6. Steve my man, thank you so much…I gatta work on me more. Gracias

    With love from Nigeria

    1. I needed to see this thanks

  7. Steve,
    You are so real, so transparent and so inspirational. I listen to your every word. Thank you

    1. Thank you uncle Steve, you are changing lives.

  8. Thank you Uncle Steve for always teaching us and also for all the laughs. I watch your show everyday. Hopefully I can meet you in person one day.God bless You.

  9. Hi Steve I’m a 62 years old man stack with broken dreams all because some bad decisions and mistakes that got me on a place where is not a second chance ,pardons or new opportunities , how can i get out off this when is no help , its a long history but the truth wish if i can explain too you on your show so that the hall world knows what’s like .but thank you for what you inspire others . i cray in silence because i can’t beat my berries .God Bless you and family

  10. Truth w alwz win

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