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How God has blessed my life… I can’t even explain to you. God knows I’m not perfect, but he’s working on me.

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  1. Dear, Mr Steve Harvey,

    I guess: I’m writing this email in the hopes of needing a blessing of a car for my oldest son Joshua Johnson, who has just graduated this May, as the first African American male to receive prestigious honors, as a honor student, at Hollis High School.

    I’m this email in the hopes that maybe your show would bless him with something that I can’t afford to give as a single African American hearing impaired mother that is His first car.

    He’s worked so hard to achieve his educational since kindergarten. He’s been on the honor roll every since kindergarten.

    He’s worked so hard but he needs what I can’t give him and that’s a car.

    The reason he’ll need a car is because he’s been accepted in to one of the most prestigious schools in Oklahoma which is OU. He was ranked 125 out of 10,000 applicants to attend there.

    Now, he needs what my fixed income can not give him: and, that’s, a car. His dream is have a truck but I don’t ever see that happening until he works hard and purchases it himself because as a single hearing impaired parent. Who lives off of a fixed income that’s something I can’t afford.

    The only thing I could afford to give my son was love, a belief that you can do all things with Christ: and, he has, and installing the value of keep your head in them books and get an education for a bright future some day.

    He’s achieved all of his educational goals: and, now, I can’t achieve the goal of getting him a car so that he may attend college in Norman, Oklahoma come this fall.

    As a single African American, mother, I felt my place was in the household in case my family needed me and I’ve done that.

    Now, my hope is to afford a car to send my son off to college for all of his hard work, but I just can’t afford a car at the moment.

    My goal will be for all of us to move now, that I’ve gotten my oldest son graduated and I’m praying to get my youngest graduated in the future and moving would also be beneficial for myself as well so that I may also find more employment that will be available for people with hearing impairment.

    Therefore, I’m just a proud, single, and hearing impaired mother needing a blessing of a car so that my oldest may attend college this fall at OU.

    I won’t hold my breath but if you come across this email and was in the mood to give out a blessing, my oldest son would greatly appreciate it so that he may attend college at OU.

    Myself if I’m blessed to move for a brighter future for my boys and I: I’m fine walking. I just want a blessing for my oldest son who has worked so hard to become the first African American male in our small town in Hollis, Oklahoma to be the first African American male honor student. I’m just praying to get him there hopefully in a car to get around.

    I wish I could share some of my son’s proud graduation pics and moments but I don’t see an upload icon.

    Everything I’ve stated may be verified with the Hollis public school system.

    Thank you, if you ever get a chance to read this email.


    One proud African American mother,
    Sheila Johnson

  2. I was informed to get the word out about my oldest son’s accomplishments and what better place to do that than the Steve Harvey show!

  3. very nice!

  4. I would like to ask Steve one question “HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH A LAZY HUSBAND” How do you get this person motivated to do more or just do something. He just seems unmotivated that is causing a big deal of stress for me to the point I’m considering divorce.

  5. This was awesome Steve Harvey!! I do listen to a lot of your motivational pieces May God bless you to get to Heaven after your work is done on this earth in Jesus name Amen!,🙏🏽💜

    Hey there Miss Sheila, have you ever heard of Mary Kay? That’s a type of vehicle that could get you and your son a car!! I don’t know how many times you come back to check these comments out. I would love to chat with you. Here’s my number 1-585-532-4239.

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