Attract Your Outcome | Motivated Talks With Steve Harvey

Life is all about the law of attraction.

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  1. Steve this targeted, and clear method to obtain the taste of consistent greatness and evidence of a good life.

    Love Y’all ❤️😇

  2. Thank you for this motivation! My thoughts are all over the place, I want to share this with two people that I think need to have more motivation the problem is they aren’t motivated to even watch it!!! What can I do to motivate them ?

  3. I really like Steven Harvey morning show every day Monday through Friday and nephew Tom and Chris rock they give my day great and he makes me laugh

  4. I was listening to your show on day and was inspired to write a book one day and send it to you. I went to college to be a teacher but because of my disabilities I couldn’t do it. So a professor told me I could teach another way and that was to write a book. But it was the encouragement of your show that pushed me to save up enough money to get it printed. So I did but now getting it out there is extremely expensive and it belongs in every library, every elementary school, every social worker office that deals with the family and etc across the world.

  5. Great message Mr. Harvey

  6. Thanks Steve.

  7. It helps keep me focused keep on selling !!

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