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Aww say it ain’t so…

My son Broderick came to me and Marjorie Harvey with some news… Aww say it ain’t so.

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  1. The down falls listening to gossip and how quick is your mouth to repeat it? That’s why God hates it because it destroys lives. Jesus saved it and people wants to destroy it…The devil’s device people use? Forgive us Lord forgive me.

  2. I’ve been hearing this-that-and-the-other about the Harvey divorce, but I never heard about it from the parties involved until now. I want to thank you for setting the record straight in a way that not only mocks those who dare to spread rumors, but also put a smile on my face as you did. Stay strong, and stay awesome!

  3. I think as long as people are talking about you, you’re still very relevant. If you gave at least 10 haters you’re doing something right! Later for the haters and the rumors! Live your BEST LIFE!

  4. To the Harvey’s, you have had more than your share of rumors and back stabbing going on. Let me tell you the truth; you are truly loved by so many fans. I hear 100 good things to the few bad things. You have a wonderful family. Don’t let anything come between you and your family. Besides I can’t get enough of family feud since you have been the host. We need some laughter in the world and you are one of the few who can really offer it.

    Also, as long as you are successful the rats are going to come after you. Things pass and your true friends and fans will alway back you up. Starting with me.

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