Dating Style for Women

Dating style is exciting, and it is easy to make small changes that will have big results. 

By Bela Gandhi

Dating style is exciting, and it is easy to make small changes that will have big results.  There are certain tips that apply to everyone, and certain tips that will differ slightly based upon you.  Knowing your own shape and goals will help you dress in a way that’s most flattering for YOU!

Here are six general tips for women:

1) Dress feminine. Wear something pretty that makes you feel good!  Pretty doesn’t have to mean uber-girly (lace & flowers) — it just makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Pretty blouses with nice necklines, skirts, and dresses will usually give you the winning looks.  Feel great!  What you wear should make you feel good about yourself.  If there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that you always get compliments on — wear those!!

2) Wear color! You know how everyone will turn their head to stare at the “lady in the red dress?”  It’s because she stands out — and usually in a good way!   Neutrals are great for work and everyday life, but color makes us appear more vibrant and youthful.  Red is definitely a great color to wear on a date — or virtually any saturated, jewel tone color. I usually stay away from large prints because they can be distracting or add weight if that is a personal concern.

3) Wear pretty shoes that are COMFORTABLE!   High heels make every woman’s legs look amazing — but wear shoes that you can actually walk in!  If you’re on a date, and you have to walk a few blocks, you don’t want to be “THAT” girl — the one who looks like she’s going to topple over headfirst.

4) Nothing too short or too low! The goal of dating style is to dress for the men that you want to attract.  Most women I work with are looking for great men that have class.  So, dress with class on your dates, and you’ll never go wrong.

5) Leave the business clothes at home. If you dress like you just came from the office, you’ll probably act that way too.  Bring a change of clothes or go home to change your clothes!  When you dress like the CEO, that’s who you bring with you. The person you want to bring is the lovely woman who you are when you’re with the people who you love most.

Dress for your shape!

1) If you are apple-shaped (larger on top, smaller on bottom — in general, your bust is three inches bigger than your hips), wear clothing that accentuates your great arms and legs, or clothing that accentuates the upper or lower third of your body.  Nice necklines are great, and flared pants (instead of skinny pants) will help balance your shape. The right peplum style can also create the illusion of a shapely waist, which is a great trick I often use with my clients.

2) If you’re pear-shaped (more “bottom-heavy,” where your hips are significantly bigger than your bust), then you’re often referred to as ”curvy,” which is great. Wear more detail at the top of your body to draw attention up there for visual balance. Pencil skirts are great (throw on a belt for nice effect). Structured tops with good necklines or wrap dresses are also great choices. Just make sure you get a bra that gives you some volume/shape at the top.

3) If you’re a rectangular body type, then you’re pretty straight up and down. Your waist is about the same size as your hips and bust.  Dressing more feminine will make you look more feminine, and ruffles or frills can give you more volume around the bust.  Peplum is a great style for this shape.  It’s easy to create a great shape by popping on a belt to create the illusion of a waist.  Skirts and miniskirts often look fantastic on this body type — add some tights and boots and you’ll be date ready!

4) If you’re hourglass, you have a highly defined waist and your bust and hips are about the same size.  You’ve got admirable curves, so let’s dress them up! V-neck tops and dresses are wonderful, and anything that accentuates your waist (and a belt is an amazing accessory). Tailored clothing looks beautiful on hourglass shapes, and wrap dresses are also wonderful.

5) If you’re a combination of shapes (which many of us are!), use clothing that bridges the two shapes and you won’t go wrong!

5 Tips for Men!

1) NEVER ever forget the five piece dating uniform (even if you’re in warmer climates — pick an indoor date spot that’s air-conditioned so you can rock your style).

  • Sport coat
  • Crisp dress shirt
  • Great, well-tailored slacks or jeans
  • Belt
  • Shoes

2) The sport coat makes men look more broad-shouldered and structured, which is a big bonus for them.  Women have an instinctual attraction to the “reverse triangle” shape because it connotes masculinity and strength. To look even more structured, button one of the sport coat’s buttons, which will minimize your mid-section as well.

3) Wearing a crisp dress shirt underneath is always an excellent choice (light or cobalt blue are wonderful because blue is the most universally liked color between the genders.  White or light pink look good against most skin tones as well). When possible, brown shoes and belt are better than black for most outfits — it looks more stylish.  However, some outfits call for black shoes, so wear them when you need them!

4) Get very well-fitted pants or jeans for dates. You have one chance to make a great first impression.  If your pants are several years old, they will most likely look outdated.  You want to look like you’re modern, so if you need to invest, do so.  One note about pants:  if your midsection protrudes, wear pants that cover it nicely (not too tight).  You don’t want to wear pants that sit under the belly — it just brings attention to that part of the body.

5) If you’re height challenged, go as monochromatic as you can because the body looks longer and leaner when you do!  A great sport coat and matching pants will make you look taller, which men usually like!

So, ladies and gentlemen, embrace your shapes and own them with confidence.  Confidence is the most attractive thing you can possess — and it looks supremely attractive on all shapes.  Confidence is truly the best accessory of them all.

For more dating tips, watch Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi HERE.

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  1. Hello!! My husband died 3 1/2 years ago from Agent Orange from Vietnam. I have not been out on a date. I’m 58 years old. I’ve lost down to 104 pounds. I am 5 3″. I really don’t know what to do? We were married almost 28 1/2 years. Not including the time we dated..I know Mr Harvey you probably recurve thousands of emails per day. I used to email asking you to please him a complete makeover. He always loved to dress nice. He had gained so much weight. He would have loved it..he’s in Heaven with my Dad I know this. God first always and the two of them were my best friends. Please Mr Harvey I need a makeover since I’ve lost so much weight. Thank you!!????????????????????

    1. We are so sorry for your loss, and proud of you for your physical transformation! AMAZING and such hard work. Go to a local mall, and work with a stylist if you can to have a wardrobe makeover. Many makeup counters as well will help you perfect your cosmetics if you buy some amount of product from them. Wishing you all the luck and love possible. Love, Bela

  2. I think it’s a blessing when Mr Harvey and God makes a choice of men for anyone. I would be truly blessed. I haven’t dated in 3 1/2 years due to my husband of 28 1/2 yrs dying from Agent Orange (Vietnam War)which he got while serving in the Army!! I’m 58 yrs old. Thank you!!

    1. I’m sorry that happened. He should have been happy to have you visit him at work. I hope that you work things out either way. If he’s not on the same page as you are about the relationship, it’s ok for you to move on. Love, Bela

  3. Question:
    I’ve been with this guy for 1 1/2 yr. he recently switched jobs I stopped by to say hi while he was at lunch with his coworker (male) and when he saw me he made eye contact but didn’t say hi to me I ended up leaving I texted him saying I had just seen him and he said he thought I was weird lie checking on him it really bothers me he did that we are now taking a break

  4. I have a little sister who was cheated on by her boyfriend and is looking for a new boyfriend because the boyfriend she had cheated on her with our cousin and as soon as he found out that our cousin was out of jail he told my little sister that he needed a brack and blamed us for her going to jail after my cousin attended my little sister

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