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I thought God wasn’t listening, at the time… I just wasn’t asking for anything. I changed that, man, it changed my whole life.

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  1. I have know a man for most of my life. However, the last 25yrs of e have been friends He has asked m ed to marry him twice. There some issues that he had to get devolved from. The second time he asked to marry him. I was getting married the next week. But, I told him I was would but I was getting married. Well, I probably made the wrong choice. We are friends still. He h as s h as d m ed over for Thanks Giving and Chri see Tomas and New Years. We ed even spent Vantines Day together. However, He hasn’t told me that he loves me in all this time. I know we are compatible because he told me.

  2. Awesome Steve Harvey!

    Cynthia Harris from Cleveland,Ohio
    Retired US Army Veteran
    Realtor ®

  3. As always your message were right on time and needed.
    Thank you

  4. SOOOOO POWERFUL Mr. Harvey!!!!! Right ON TIME! Thank you for being so motivational and inspirational! You done gave me a new quote to repeat frequently: “God was listening, I just wasn’t asking for anything”….Whoooooo! Thank you Jesus!

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