Discover Your Gift

There’s a difference between your passion and your gift. Do you know the difference? Before you pursue things that you’re passionate about, watch this.

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  1. Words for the wise I’d say and very true. Very inspirational!

  2. I love the encouragement that you give to people because it’s a blessing. I wrote my first children’s book because of it. I went through college to become a teacher but because I can’t teach in a traditional setting I’m doing it through writing. The title of my book is, But Guess What: I Can Think for Myself. Get it at or Amazon. There is music raps to this book and that is what makes it special.

  3. I love this motivation speech , thanks a lot Sir your messages have been so inspiring to me.

  4. Thank you Steve this was needed 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I remember when I song on your morning show you told me that Is a Difference between singing and sanging and that I be sanging and you can tell that this is some I’m destined to do thank you for those words forever grateful ❗️

  5. Uncle Steve You have and alway will Give Great sold advise!!

  6. Excellent and an aha! We talk so much about passion. But your operative was the word “pursue.” We pursue our God given gift and enjoy/discover the things we are passionate about. Our young people need this understanding…

  7. I so love Steve Harvey, only thing I do not like is him using the F. word and that F word isn’t fine.

  8. How does one find out what their gift is? I’m 74 and worked in an office my whole life. And I hated it!
    I want to do something I love to do, but don’t know what my gift is? I have a passion for makeup and would like to be a makeup artist. But that’s my passion not my gift. People tell me I’m a people person and I love animals.

    Thank you! Joanne

  9. This is very impressive and is a great lesson for me here in FCT ABUJA Nigeria

  10. 2) Mr Steve Harvey – You’re simply awesome. Actions in motion.

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