Drive-Thru Confessions, “Mo Money Mo Problems,” & Super Hero Fantasies

What superhero would I be? I’d be a Black Panther ????????????At least I’m halfway there now! Might not be fast no more but I’ve been black 62 years ????????????

What’s the most difficult audience question I’ve had? A guy asked what’s the hardest thing about having money? Biggie Smalls had a song out that said “mo money mo problems.” It’s true because you really don’t get any training for it. You have a lot of problems when you have a lot of money… He said LET’S SWITCH ????????????

Do I visit fast-food restaurants? Sometimes I just want to be regular ????????????I just want to eat Carl’s Junior sometimes… I tried that one night and that didn’t go how I expected to go ????????????

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  1. Ha stave. Love your programs. I have a good friend who I have known for a short time but believe God has put him in my life for a reason. The man he is , is who I have been search for for a long time. I wish for the Lord to give him and confirmation on the matter and his soulmate. What is your advise?

  2. Sorry ha Steve

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