Ever Feel Scared?

Have you ever quit your job? Worried about money? Applied for your dream job?  Spoken in front of a large audience? No one gets out of this life without experiencing fear. It’s natural. But the key is not to let those fears keep you from saying “yes” to an opportunity.

Some people wait for their fears to completely go away before they’ll go after their dreams. They’re scared of failure, scared of financial loss, scared of losing family or friends or scared of stepping into the unknown. They’re so scared, they don’t take advantage of all that’s available to them. They simply won’t take a chance.

If you’re waiting NOT to be scared, nervous, fearful or uneasy, the time for you to act will never come. You must learn to manage your fears as best you can and take the necessary steps to move you closer to your goals. You won’t ever get where you want to be if you’re not willing to do that.

What will you do this week in spite of your fear?

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  1. Feeling that way right now but I gona move forward and whatever happens is what should. Its gona be great or a very good learning point. Thank you for that push!

  2. I am going to take a dance class. I can dance. I love to dance. But I moved from San Diego to Dallas and do not know anyone. I will be going alone. This is the scary part. Going somewhere alone and already not knowing anyone in this big city. Pretty scary stuff. But I am going to join a meet up swing class. Wish me luck!

  3. I’m scared of my husband who has hit for the first time. I’m scared I will never trust again. I’m scared my voice will not be heard living in survival mode for the rest of my mind. I’m scared of not being strong enough for my autistic boy. He is the only reason I’m willing to go forward. I want to be free from fear as I know it will hinder my potential but how do I do that. How do I get out of this funk.

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