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I asked Joshua and Chaz to help me tell some of my life stories.

I asked Joshua and Chaz to help me tell some of my life stories. This one is about my first kiss ????????????

I met Joshua at a Family Feud taping with his mom. During breaks, I take Rapid Fire questions from my audience. His mom asked me “What advice do you have for a SCAD graduate?” He probably expected me to say something like… work hard and network… but instead, I gave him an opportunity to work with my team after I found out that he studied animation. Joshua’s partner’s name is Chaz – check out the first episode. My first kiss!

Check out more of their work here: www.drawnoutjosh.com/ and here: chazbottoms.com. Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. Very funny, waiting for more!

  2. Ditto❣️ What Theresa H. said…

  3. I love your show I barely get to watch it cuz I’ll be at work serving kids for lunch.

  4. Love the first history waiting for more

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