Keep Going | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey – Flip The Switch

You have to keep going, you just never know when God is going to flip the switch. He can’t tell you when he’s going to flip the switch because it would destroy the one thing that he requires from you. FAITH!!!!!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Harvey for the motivation I almost lost my home and I lost my job with a child in college due to work place discrimination it was hard to keep going. But ai will keep going and have FAITH because God will never leave me neither forsake me. And I believe that if you can do it, I can to. When they called me Nigger daily at work it was hard but I’m going to show them how being called the the N WORD gave me motivation and I will keep going. Love always WIN..

  2. I struggle everyday with keeping my Faith . With what I want for myself I know God has promised me and what I feel like is my reasonability to my family . My family ask a lot of me from me and with work and starting my own business i fell so overwhelm but your motivational talks help so much. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS!!!

  3. Oh thank you Mr Harvey!!! I needed that so much!!! I’m at my lowest with debt that piled up after I got sick and I’m so low in my life. Starting to wonder what purpose am I here for ? Now I believe if I can hold on a little longer, God will turn this around.

  4. Thanks!!!!

  5. THIS!

  6. Faith is the highest level of life.Sometimes you fight on every corner of the world to be successful, nothing is going well. Like you encourage me, never stop fighting,keep faith in God and anything me happen when time is come in.Thanks!

  7. Faith is vital to accomplishing what GOD has for YOU.

  8. Love this message,God keeps on bless you

  9. Steve, I just listened to your “God May Flip The Switch” message and I’m encouraged to write you. Are you still in the business of helping people’s dreams come true? I’m a singer. Singing runs through my family. I’m 64. I always wanted to record an album and for 30 years, each time I had an opportunity, the devil got in the way. The devil try’s to block the healing virtue that can be heard in my voice. I figure you must know someone who can produce an album with me. Love songs or gospel. I just don’t want to leave planet earth without achieving that goal. Can you help me?

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