Brain Drops

Brain Drops: Handling Disappointment

Use disappointment as your motivation to greater success.

Use disappointment as your motivation to greater success. Remember, it’s not what happens to you in life but how you respond to it.

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  1. I love it, looking at disappointment as motivation …WOW

  2. Mr. Harvey,
    I am Robin A Farris. I just to thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom that you give on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I am a better person due to the advice that you give. Please know that I really enjoy your radio show in the morning. I live in Louisiana, about thirty miles north of Lafayette, La. Here our station is 104.7. I am listening every morning possible when you ask Artie about the traffic. I am aware that is all recorded, what I admire is the method you and your staff put into making the morning enjoyable yet educational. Mr. Harvey, thank you. I hope you stay on the radio for many years, so people like myself can enjoy you. Take care, may God bless you and your staff. Thank you for reading this, Robin A Farris.

  3. Hi Steve just wanted to let you know how much your show means to me. I lost my son in Sept. and trying to find something to cheer me up.Your show did the trick!Got me to laughing again Thanks!

  4. Thank you Steve Harvey!! I am struggling and listening to you is a great inspiration.

  5. Why is it hard to find kidney donor. On Facebook book they want you to pay them to find a donor. I had got sick 3 month go and they put glue in my hair and I don’t have any hair I so sad.

  6. Hi Mr. Harvey,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge, testimonies and family with the world. I listen to your morning show and talk show and they are both hilarious and inspirational. Thank you for bringing laughter and God in our homes.

  7. Hello Mr. Harvey, I’m just sending a note to say I enjoy your show. And you have had some interesting topic on your show. I remember one topic on the show where it a gentlemen or young lady who needed your help with their smile. And you had a dentist on the show that give one of them a beautiful smile and they love it. I’m disappointed that I hate my smile and I wondering if you could help me to have that beautiful smile so I can some confident with myself. I can’t remember the dentist name. Mr. Harvey please.

  8. When I received disappointments I said why and it’s revealed to me it always works out very good regardless of the pain God does not waste our pain. The Donna Brown has a GP

  9. God bless you!

  10. Harvey , I really appreciate on what you give to us audience because it results to many peoples life dynamic.
    I am one of them . It’s a long story short I used to live a worse condition with my mother after the death of my father (R.I.P father) , my mother brought me a gift box hereby inside the box was a smart phone and she said to me that my son I want you to use this phone as a class by listening to Mr . Steve’s Harvey inspirational speeches and am sure he is the one who will make your life be happy and knowledgable .
    It really hearts me right now because my mother by that time she didn’t have money to pay for the school fees that’s why she decide to collect all that money she earn from her day to day shifting jobs …from all the struggle , I am now the motivational speaker / Advisor in my local village.
    Thanks for changing my life Mr. Harvey

  11. My family is going through a rough time right now. Could really use some prayers.

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