Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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  1. God give his hardest battles to his stongest soldiers. Keep Faith and Godbless

  2. Thats right… Amen!! Thanks Uncle Steve, very helpful. 馃檪

  3. I’m currently stepping out my comfort zone Steve, God has given me an assignment that’s too big for me, it’s a product for women, that’s going thru radiation treatment, it will help them keep their integrity once the hair loss starts, I need advise please email or contact me

  4. Thanks

  5. Got goosebumps listing to you, Steve. I’m inspired!

  6. I just LOVE you and all you do to keep us inspired. You extend your journey to your listeners and it gives me strength to excel and continue dreaming and living out my dreams. Thank You and Your Wife

  7. Steve I love your shows..I really love you man,,every day I watch Little big shots,, love it. I am involvet in the battle of my inspire me fight for my life..pray for Mr Steve

  8. Thanks Steve, Thanks. I’m from Ghana amd i love watching your shows online. i cant do without them for a day. You inspire me alot Sir, You seriously do. imma be more than u oneday. 馃槈

  9. Ain’t you first


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