Getting Unstuck

People often feel like they’re spinning their wheels, treading water or running on treadmill. Basically, they’re in motion, but they aren’t going anywhere. They find themselves stuck in the same place month after month or year after year.

When you’re feeling stuck in your career, in a relationship or in any other area of your life, it’s important to look at what could be causing the problem.

Here are three common reasons people get stuck:

  1. Analysis Paralysis:

You research the same things again and again, you over-think, you obsessively run the same facts over in your mind. In this state, you believe you never have enough information to act.

  1. Always Seeking Counsel:

There’s nothing wrong with getting sound advice and insight from someone who is qualified to help you. However, when you constantly ask for advice and then don’t act on it, you’re unable to move forward and make real progress.

  1. Unable to Make a Decision:

You’ve done all the necessary research, you’ve gotten great advice and you may even be clear on what your decision SHOULD be, yet you fear making a mistake or the wrong choice. So, you do nothing.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, ask yourself if you really do need more information or advice. If the answer is no, then commit to getting unstuck by simply getting started.

Getting started is about focusing only on what’s next. You can do this by answering the following questions about the area of your life where you feel stuck:

  • What small step can I take?
  • What new choice can I make?
  • What action can I execute?

Remember, the way to get unstuck is to simply get started. What will you do this week to get started?

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  1. I will stay focused and be productive in all areas of my life.

  2. This is really insightful, beneficial, and cuts right to the heart and mind of any individual at a crossroad in life.

  3. Thanks Steve I needed to read this,this morning

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