Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Everyone has a comfort zone.

It’s the place where everything is familiar. It’s the place you feel at ease and totally secure.

But as good as all that sounds, your comfort zone is also the place where dreams and goals can be stifled. If it’s comfortable, it probably doesn’t reflect where you ultimately want to be.

So, what about those big dreams and lofty goals? How do you get there? Where do you begin? When you set your sights on a new level of success—whether it’s trying a new career, climbing a higher mountain, or even asking someone out on a date—the way to get there is to step outside of your comfort zone.  This is true for everyone who has ever achieved anything worthwhile.

You must be willing to go into unfamiliar territory. To let go of what you’re used to. If you’re unwilling to be uncomfortable, uneasy and insecure, you won’t get very far. Staying “safe” is one of the biggest obstacles to doing new things such as starting a business, going after a promotion, or heading back to school.

You must become comfortable being uncomfortable if you want to be more successful.

To get you started, here are three tips to help you move outside of your comfort zone.

  1. Get educated.

The more you can learn about what you want to do, the more confident you’ll become. With confidence, it’s a little easier to take a risk and step outside your comfort zone.

  1.  Start small.

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t always require a drastic change. Small steps can eventually lead to big results. Instead of starting a business, how about taking a class on entrepreneurship? Not ready to apply for a promotion? Start talking to someone who has the type of job you want and learn more about it.

  1.  Let perfection go.

When you try something new, it won’t be perfect. Chances are, you’ll make a few mistakes. But know that it’s all part of the process.

What will you do this week to step out of your comfort zone?

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  1. Thank you so much for this piece mzee Harvey. Am very happy that I read this!


  3. […] comfortable with being uncomfortable. Challenge yourself to grow.” -Steve […]

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