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Ghana: The Year of Return | 2019

I could feel my ancestors on me

This was real pain I felt going back to Ghana’s slave castles…I could feel my ancestors on me… Powerful beyond words that I can explain. I encourage as many of you as possible to go HOME for your ancestors. Their strength is in each of us and we must honor their ultimate sacrifice in all that we do. #TheYearofTheReturn ????: @madebycourtney

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  1. My daughter, Imani Floyd, is a full academic scholarship recipient. As part of her scholarship she is able to travel abroad ( on scholarship) to almost any country worldwide. She has chosen to study this semester at the University of Botswana. She was very excited when I told her yesterday that Steve Harvey was in Botswana. She was even more excited when she informed me this morning that she was able to hear him speak this morning just across from her campus!!! Shout out to Steve for reaching out to Africa and making a positive connection to our future leaders at home and abroad!

    1. What A Powerful Message To All People I must visit Ghana ???????? I’m Retired from Usairways/American Airlines A free Flight I’m gone Get my finance together And Make The Trip

  2. National Geographic moment with the Harvey’s …. Excellent Journalist work Steve and keep up the great job ….

    Thanks ,

    Fred A ( IL /MI )

  3. Steve I am excited that you are encouraging us to come out of our comfort zone to go to a place where the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors once stood. To be able to feel their presence and sacrifices they made to pave the way for us. I am looking for a blessing to travel to Botswana for my graduation trip from Roosevelt University. Receiving my Masters in Conflict Resolution this December, 2019. I would like to learn about their judicial system and how I can contribute to it. Thanks ???????? Steve

  4. Only God knows I don’t have the words that I can describe what our Ancestors went though.

  5. Unspeakable Horrors, Brutal, Ruthless, Vicious Murders and Rapes committed against Black People for Centuries! “American Slavery was the Economic Cornerstone on which American Wealth and Power were Built. Wealth and Power which lasts to this day! Reparations in Memory of Our Ancestors!

  6. Would like to join

  7. Steve your desire to continue providing your audience with nothing but inspiration and laughter is infectious! Thanks and may God continue blessing you and your family!

  8. Would like to join

  9. I can see that’s a very touching experience. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Breathe Taking ????????❤

  11. Steve, you are the funniest Guy! You have been a huge joy in my life during some of the toughest moments. I have survived some of the unthinkable, in recent times and over the past five decades. When I heard your story on Oprah’s Masters series, I cried… and found a new respect for you. “You are a deep dood.” Keep going deep Mr. Harvey, the world is watching. Thanks for sharing… “history is a great teacher if only we listen, I mean really listen.”

  12. WOW!!! If only I could’ve used this experience here. I can only imagine. Even though it wasn’t really much, this clip was so POWERFUL to me.

  13. WOW!!! If only I could’ve had this experience here. I can only imagine. Even though it wasn’t really much, this clip was so POWERFUL to me.

  14. I just returned from Ghana on vacation. I fell in love with it. I am planning on moving there and currently looking for a job. I heard your new business venture and would like to apply to any available positions. I’m smart and catch on quickly.

  15. Hello Mr.
    Steve Harvey.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    See it as a blessing.
    You have a good life you carve out a good life for yourself.They are watching you from above.
    You have a purpose.Hod used you to spread the words,
    You will be heard,
    You heard by me.
    You are a blessing.
    Your ansesters are proud of what you became in society.
    My ansesters are-from India.
    I hope god-bless me with success that I can pay my way to India to experience what you experience in Ghana.
    Another big thing coming for you is you will become a-billionaire in your lifetime.
    I heard you said it on TV.
    God bless you and may you live long to enjoy your success.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Chandra Krnnedy.

  16. I comment again: Through Sin and Disobedience, all nations have suffered slavery. Our race just happens to be the last race of people enslaved and it’s still fresh in our minds. And we see it resurfacing daily with Hate from this Government. Wake up people.

  17. We, the people of the Human race, Asiatics and Moslems, need to learn to Love instead of Hate and know their Higher self with the ability to dismiss their Lower self. Learn to be Yourself, Higher self.

  18. I too have visited the slave castles in Ghana. A truly moving encounter that all people of all ethnicities should experience. It left me realizing how strong and mighty our ancestors were. To survive just that portion of slavery alone, mentally and physically in itself is a feat. These were not slaves, but scholars, educators, Kings and Queens. I was also moved to tears.

  19. I felt pain at seeing this place. How humans can treat other humans as slaves- taking away their freedoms in order to make a profit- hurts my soul. A few years ago I was able to visit the land of my ancestors- Ireland. Although it also is beautiful, the Irish suffered as slaves, and endured war and many did not survive starvation.Once again, evil reared it’s ugly head and caused many to suffer and die. As human beings we must STAND for what is right and shun the evil in our midst. We must!

  20. It is so educational and rewarding to experience this journey with you and your family. Thank you for sharing.
    This experience should be on the websites of all tourist agencies, a welcoming educational academic class offered in every school here in the USA, and to educate our leaders of the greatness in knowing factual histories of what has made the USA, a great country.
    Thank you my brother (Steve) and sister (Marjorie) for sharing.
    We , Marylanders, love you all dearly.

  21. I’m going in Dec and looking forward to the experience.

  22. I wasn’t anywhere near there and I could feel the pain you felt. That was very powerful

  23. I love Steve Harvey even more. True testament of what God can do!! Amen Just believe in God and watch!!

  24. Oh Steve Harvey!!!!!???? So when Can u make that Happen When are you gonna Plan A Trip For All Of Us To Come Back Home!!!! To Africa?????????

  25. I would love to go me and my man but don’t have the money….maybe one day in the future

  26. I think Sand and Soul should be in Africa on a year or two it’s a thought Steve! I’ve never been one to get the shots that’s needed to travel, but for thos trip I’m in. I’ll start my savings now.

  27. Thank for sharing I was on vacation with you. We have been married 19 no honey moon no vacations. I enjoyed your. The good thing the moon is gone, but I steel got my honey!❤️

  28. We thank you Steve and Marjorie for sharing so much of your lives with us. So much history here that many of us will never experience up close and personal. The world does not know the source of our struggle and why it’s so hard for many to come back from this. Thank You Again.

  29. Hi Steve,
    I love hearing about your vacation. You will have a letter from me waitig for your arrival in Atlanta. I hope that is a good address. I do not like Kelly Clarkson, so you will be greatly missed when your show won’t be available for viewing after the 9th of Sept. I got mad & am thinkinking of writing NBC5 & giving them a piece of my mind–their worse mistake they have ever made. I hope I can find their mailing address.

    Have a fun vacation. You have helped my recovery, alot. I am permantly wheel chair bound due to a slip of his insrument on a spinal cord injury. He nicked my spinal cord & I will never walk again. Thanks for helpping me out with your show & Family Feud. I watch them every week day. Sincerely, Rita Chapman in Fort Worth, TX. I had a Male Nurse from Ghana clean up & around my tube into my stomach to feed me & take my medicine. My old one fell out!!! I have not eaten since the middle of January. No fun for sure. So we had to go to the ER.

  30. Steve Harvey, twu thumbs up to the best Talk Show Host on TV. Have a great vacation, Rita

  31. I would love to move there we are not really welcome in this country, if I could get someone to sponsor me a trip there or help me move I will.

  32. Steve’s experience has TRULY inspired me to go HOME! Thank you Steve!

  33. Thanks so much for sharing this history even though it is so painful to watch.

  34. How i wish to meet you hmm but it didn’t happen, but i know one day in life, i will meet you it will be a dream come through for me…. OMG

  35. Steve everytime I see pictures of the castles it reminds me of what our ancestors had to endure to stay alive and how we need to honor them by keeping their dreams alive in making a difference in this world. I was there in 2002 and I still get emotional seeing those pictures and the ones I took when I was there. Thanks for the return.

  36. I miss waking up to listen to you all 5:00am To 9am 105.7 ,my alarm clock was set to get a good laugh , And on your talk show. You are missed .

  37. Thank you Steve Harvey, we all need to be reminded of our HISTORY as SLAVES.
    With all that’s going on today… trump trying to condemn Blacks with Hate. Hope people look at this and get out to VOTE in 2020. Blessings to you & family. ❤️

  38. That same feeling came over me when I took a underground walking tour in Savannah, GA. The holding cell was built the same way and still there. A presence came over me and I cried. The slaves that were already paid for were separated according to the plantation owner that bought them and there were bricks on the ground with the slave owners last names on it. You definitely have to see that. To have made it across to a whole nother country you know nothing about and then to be sold to some funny looking white man. But it is what it is and it was what it was. I have been researching my ancestry now for two years and I am 84% West African 5% Ghana I even have 1% Filipino I don’t know how that got in there. The whole experience fascinates me especially my ancestors because they were really really strong people to have had to endure such pain and Agony and separation from family. If you’re ever back in Georgia visit Savannah and look up Patt Gunn and her underground walking tours which is held at the riverfront.

  39. I don’t know if I will ever be fortunate enough to travel to Africa or to experience this awesome, awesome experience that you have shared nut I thank you for giving me a peek. You are so blessed to be able to travel to so many beautiful and awesome places and to be able to live in a peace of history that most of us will never be able to experience. Thank you, thank you, CG.

  40. Sorry typo “piece”, CG.

  41. Yes Steve, I too visited this Slave Castle in Ghana years ago, it was very moving to me as well to hear the Tour Guide speak on the History. I encourage all of us Black Americans who have never traveled to Africa to join on someone’s trip and go. I traveled for my job and my eyes was awaken to so much culture and I learned so much that I have a lot of respect for my brothers and sister in these Countries.

  42. Steve, I am a Pastor of a small church in CT. My wife and I have been to Ghana four times now. We have visited the castle in your video, being there is extremely moving. There are many things that move me in Ghana. The people are like none other, children who have nothing but would like nothing more than to play and have fun. My heart breaks when I am face to face with the poverty that they live with day to day. Last year my wife and I visited a small village in the Volta region named Dokpo. They had no electricity no plumbing and no clean water. Everything happened around a small pond. They bathed, did laundry, watered cattle and drink polluted water. Upon return to CT we shared our burden for this village with our church people who promptly raised the money needed to drill a well. Three months later villagers were lining up with their buckets to get fresh clean water to drink and cook with. There is so much more we want to do there and we are excited to be part of it even in a small way. Your experience stirred your heart, run with it, let God use you to help these awesome people. God Bless

  43. Thanks for sharing. Painful to watch, became very emotional just watching.

  44. Dear Steve,
    Continue to do your mission to enlighten people to the greatness of God. May he always bless you during your very noble quest to shine light on the truth & encourage the world to be faithful to our Lord and Savior.

  45. We must be very clear about our ancestry. Not all people of color originated from Africa. It is imperative that we investigate and research our roots. Many folks will be surprised where we originated from.

  46. Welcome to our mother land,, uncle
    And welcome home sweet home always sweet home… Ask they said we love you… We love you and Yr family

  47. Dear Steve thank you for sharing your ancestry. This year my mother will turn 90 years old. Your her favorite television host. I wish you could spend time with her on her birthday next year. I signed up on your News Letter today. I will make great effort to find my mother African Roots as well as Native American Roots to include with her 90th birthday. Please help give my mother the best birthday ever.

  48. Steve I want to tell a great thanks for you all ways been their to help people’s.. God will continue to blessed you. many. many thanks. again.

    Notes but I need my owner help. too please I am a refreshment. in

    Community. college of Tennessee

  49. My choir, The Hopewell Concert Choir, Windsor, CT, was invited to Ghana to participate in a musical festival back in 1999 and I was fortunate to be able to go too. It was a very humbling experience. I know how you felt, going through the caves and dungeons that slaves were kept, died, in Cape Coast. The dampness from their blood, on the walls, along the paths they walked, to the door of no return, to be put on the slave ships.
    It was truly an awesome experience. Shortly after we returned home, we learned that the King was killed.

  50. I don’t know anything about Ghana except 5 people there scammed me caused my divorce took my half of money in the sale of our house over $160,000.00 and thousands from my pay promised me big money never got a penny but I’m sure they lived well!

  51. […] such as Steve Harvey and Cardi B (whose was without incident), already made their way to Ghana and it’s rumored […]

  52. Steve, keep it up! Everybody needs to know their roots.

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