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When I was young, I didn't understand my gift.

When I was young, I didn’t understand my gift. I would get in trouble all the time ????????????I stayed in the principal’s office! You know how many times my momma had me prayed for??? Do you know how many Preachers my momma had to lay hands on me??? ????????????

There is no school for comedy, you can’t take a class and come out funny. This is the one gift that you have to purely be born with. All of you are gifted, God never made a person he didn’t give a gift to. You just have to figure it out.

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  1. You truly are a inspiration! How your life turned around and God raised you up. I thank believe we are all gifted. I am in my first year of recovery and a year just around the corner. My stubbing block is the desperation for expectance and to make right for those who have stood by me. So much so that I fear I have but one shot and it has to be perfect. I am at that moment where I could shine but when you see those whom you love and respect give up hope it is hard. Still I know I will preserve. People like yourself and your stories of perseverance shows me the mighty work of God. I do not don’t and even in dark hours I give praise. Anyways thanks for the message. Much respect!!

  2. Hi Steve iam Byrum Anene from Kenya….Men I watch your motivational speaches and they real inspire…. There’s one day you said in your speach that “You get a No because you asked for a No” Men this changed my thinking and IAM proud coz from now am gonna be asking for a YES coz I need a YES in ma life….am sure am gonna get more YES from the day I heard this till I leave this Earth…God bless and continue inspiring more people ????????????????????????????????

    1. Thank you very much Mr Harvey For reminding me why I am still alive, I refuse to exist and I want to (have to) live.
      Kind regards and God bless you

  3. Steve I watch your show every night on Family Feud and me and my Husband would like to know that the Family that wins the car, who actually get the car. You are a very sharp dresser Steve and you are so funny on the show. Love watching you.

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