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God's grace is so good.

God’s grace is so good. If it were not for God’s grace, I wouldn’t be here talking to you right now. My momma would always say “when it gets dark for you, and you can’t find your way. Don’t forget to pray, don’t be ashamed and don’t be too proud.” I’ll never forget her words…

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  1. Good morning Mr. Harvey , I’m inspired by you motivation and the gift you have sent to me, I’m will use it , in 2020 I’m retiring next year and getting married and planning t buy a house in Texas, we have a lot to do in our future, thank you for motivation.

  2. Very inspirational, I will give a testimony one day, a big one. God is able and He is still in the miracle business. Bless you Steve

  3. AMÉN ????????

  4. Mr. Harvey, thank you for your inspirational message. My name is Barbara price and I thank you for reminding me that God is able. I’ve had some hard times in my life when I felt like I was going to make it but by the grace of God he’s brought me through so much through out my life. Thank you for being an inspiration.????????????

  5. Uncle Steve, you are such an inspiration to me. I thank God for the opportunity to be mentored by you and to work with you in the future. I appreciate all that you do and your motivation has definitely impacted my life more than I have time to say right here. God is positioning me for greater, and I look forward to working with you soon. I am claiming this opportunity by Faith in the mighty name of Jesus.

  6. Grace grace… This video has motivated me to pray more. Thank you Uncle Harvey for such an inspiring speech. I am one of those people who always get distracted easily that i move away from God & prayer. But today i have chosen to create a new relationship with God & an eternal one. Thank you for the wise words.

  7. Hello Mr. Harvey, I am a huge fan of your and I am so touched by your motivational messages. I listened to the Grace video and it is during the time of the pandemic and the social distancing due to Covic19. You have blessed my soul and inspired me to know that it is by God’s Grace that we are here today, not only that through your words I know that in order to move beyond where we are we have to have the Grace of God. I am super proud of you for sharing your life story with people all over the world. My pastor has a saying “Tell Your Story” because you never know who need to hear and see what you have come through that will help them move from where they are in life. I am encouraged to live by Grace and trust God to take me where He want me to God, and I will do as you…when I get there I will say that God did and give Him all the praise and Honor. Be Blessed and keep encouraging us through your life story.

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