This Is the Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today

“There always has to be a 'what’s next.'” Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success

Do you feel like your entire life is together, that it’s complete and that you’ve accomplished all that you set out to accomplish? Most folks will say that they’re nowhere near reaching the finish line, but for the rest of you… what’s next?

You see, you have to ask yourself “What’s next?” to propel yourself onto the next goal. That’s what gives you the motivation you need to get out of bed in the morning. It’s what drives successful people to be successful.

If you’ve stopped asking what comes next, you’ve stopped growing.

You can’t continue to ride on old coattails. Millionaires don’t stay millionaires by staying still. If you wrote a bestseller, you must keep writing.

Or singing, or composing, or whatever it is you do.

When you stop pursuing the dream, you take away your reason for getting up the next day.

You must have motivation to move forward, and your calling has to be strong enough to pull you out of your current circumstance. Otherwise, you run the risk of staying stagnant.

Part of asking ‘what comes next?’ is being open to it. If you’ve closed yourself off to new ways of looking at things or you’re stuck in your own rut and unwilling to entertain alternate paths, you’re no longer open. Closing yourself off can halt your forward momentum. You won’t be able to move onto what’s next because you’re stuck in your current situation.

When you achieve one dream, focus on another. And another after that. By constantly asking what comes next, you give yourself the push to go further, and that can take you far beyond where you ever imagined you’d be.

So, what’s next for you?

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  1. I enjoy the Steve Show very much. It is entertaining, informative and fun!
    On a recent a couple was seeking advice about the husband’s collecting an abundance of items the wife said cluttered their home.
    Steve offered them a service/storage company, SHED, that could go to their home to catalog, store in an off site facility, and make items on list available to them upon request.

    I am requesting the contact information for the storage company.

    Thank you in advance,
    Dee Jay

    1. Hi Dee Jay,

      Go to Also, we gave this this promo code to our audience and you can use the code to get 3 months free if you pay for 1 year. PROMO CODE: SteveShed.

  2. Hello Me. Steve Harvey,
    How can my family and I apply to get on Family Feud? We would love to get on there and win! ???? Thank you!

    Kindest Regards,
    Nachelle Johnson

  3. Hello Mr. Steve Harvey,
    I wanted to see what the process was to get on Family Feud? My family and I would love to get on there and win! ???? Thank you!

    Kindest Regards,
    Nachelle Johnson

  4. Wow what a motivation Mr Steve Harvey. You always leave me in tears when ever I read or watch your motivations. Lucky from South Africa I love you Steve.

  5. Thank you so much Mr Harvey for continually sharing your wisdom. I am following your advice as I am working on my vision board and making my list of 300 things I want to have or accomplish. I am Charlene from South Africa.

  6. Dear Mr. Steve Harvey,
    Thank you for the motivations and guidance. I’m new to your show and Im learning to apply them to my daily life. Thank you again Steve Harvey. God bless

  7. Steve Harvey is so encouraging to me. His life resembles mine so much. As a 50 year old single woman I am always looking for my next. I have accomplished so much in my life by dreaming it and going straight after it. This has caused me to do things no one in my circle has ever done. Sometimes it leaves me lonely at the top but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you Steve for being an example to us all.

  8. Great question! I guess without knowing this, I have been doing it as it’s the question I ask myself when I’m done dealing with something whether I failed at it or succeeded. It’s a great exercise to do to propel you to the next level all the time…

  9. Thanks Again, What’s Next two powerful words I have just adopted. WHAT’s NEXT! The spirit of peace is upon me. Thank you, Steve!

  10. I am grateful to read or hear you. I have not met you in person. I have four boys. It’s been a crazy ride, so far. Now, at 50! I will begin to ask what is next, daily and pray more and ask God what he wants for me. See, I messed up for a long time… But, it took me a while to really get where I am at. .so God, what is next?? This is what I will be saying and doing until the Lord brings me home. Be seeing you soon.

  11. Hi Steve,
    I just wanted to say thank you! I remember hearing you on the radio one early Sunday morning, after my morning prayer. You said jump and trust, have faith, that my parachute will open. That next day, I jumped and guess what Steve? It opened, since then I’ve fallen but I’ve always told myself that I’m just repacking my parachute for my next been jump. Today I appreciate the impact you’ve made in my life and wanted to say thank you. Please continue to do what you do, I’d like to one day have the opportunity to meet you only to say thank you in person and shake your hand.

  12. […] his book ‘Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success,” he said, “There always has to be a what’s next.” The lack of this means you have stopped growing. You are not challenging yourself and pushing […]

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