Happy Mother’s Day

My momma…

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  1. Best Mother’s Day video ever!
    My mom died of Covid last fall and watching this video brought me to the brink of tears.
    God bless you mr. Harvey
    Thanks for the smile on this tough holiday
    Please write back
    What is
    Miles Lafayette

  2. Thanks Steve your heart is truly in the right I was some of these me could that moms is all you have and your faith and treating people with respect goes a long way thank you again

  3. Thanks Steve your heart is in the right place I wish some of these men’s out here could follow ur foot steps. Mom is all we have our faith is all we have and having respect goes a long way thanks again 🙏

  4. I lost my mom in 2007 to cancer so I know exactly what you mean. She was truly a matriarch! She raised 14 kids, in the projects of Lincoln Homes, Trenton, NJ, 3 bedroom, one bathroom home! She was grandmother to many grand kids, great grand kids and so forth. Her wisdom, knowledge and lessons taught lived on in us, so valuable. We miss her dearly.

    Thanks for sharing.

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