Hard Either Way | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Sometimes you just have to JUMP! Life is going to be hard either way. Focus your efforts on being successful.

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  1. Great!! Would love to meet you and get a chance to just sit down and talk…All the best!

  2. Thank you Steve. Divine word. At the right time.

  3. Please keep encouraging me I need to hear it over an over again

  4. Absolutely 💯 true!!! Oh they going to talk about me when I leave this world!

  5. Oh they going to remember me, and miss me! When I leave this world 🌎 AMEN SO very true it’s hard either way! So 💯 agree with you Steve!

  6. Hi Steve
    As you said is really hard on both sides but is harder on the side of not trying to be successful.
    Is hard Steve but I will keep trying and will never give up

  7. So true, I am up and going for it because its been hard. My kids have got to see me prosper at something they must have something to say about how I turned my life around though surrounded by many excuses of why I couldn’t be what i wanted to be though valid, but for my own sake and the glory of God i am doing something and i believe His favor is speaking for me in places where i don’t even know yet.

  8. Steve Harvey, you inspire me. I love the things you say. I’m currently what you might call a starving artist. I work a regular job but I believe my gift is art. I’m going to develop a successful career as a professional artist. I’m not very good at speaking and/or writing just yet but I will get better. I’m at a very low point in my life right now, my grandmother recently passed away and my grandfather has dementia, I may also be losing the love of my life due to some mistakes I made in our relationship. I’ve wanted to give up, throw in the towel you know? But your videos give me hope, talking with God gives me hope and a sense that I CAN do this. I will reach my goals or die trying. Thank you Mr. Harvey.

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