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Holy Headbands!

Headbands are back.

By Aonika Laurent Thomas

Photo credit: JULIE SARIÑANA

I loved running and twirling as a kid, letting the wind blow my hair behind me like a superhero cape. Most days, I looked like a little tornado. My strict Catholic school wanted us to be neat and prim. I remember wearing headbands in grade school to keep my mane of curls off of my face and the nuns from giving me a demerit. Headbands were my remedy; they tamed my big, un-relaxed hair. Back then, I thought of headbands more as a necessity than an accessory. I felt pure nostalgia when I saw that Prada’s spring 2019 show was capped with the most gorgeous headbands. It’s not just Prada, though. Headbands are everywhere these days. The good news is that no matter if it’s for necessity or style, there is a headband for you.  Prim, sporty, elegant, sassy, edgy — it’s all there regardless of the size of your wallet. I’m all over it, and you should be too.

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