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How to Tie a Tie With These Simple Steps | Styling With Will

For all the fellas out there wondering how to tie a bow tie or just get better at it, my personal stylist Will is here to break it down. It’s the Will Phoenix method how to tie a Bow tie, half-Windsor knot, and a full-Windsor knot.

Here’s the step by step method to tie a bow tie. Check out the video for the half-Windsor knot, and full-Windsor knot instructions.

1. Different lengths: Start with one side longer than the other.

2. Create the knot: Think of tying a shoelace. Cross both sides and tuck the longer end up and over to create the knot.

3. Forming the bow: Fold the shorter end into the shape of a bow, tighting it against your neck.

4. Pull and shape: Pull the long side over the bow and then shape both sides of the bow together.

5. Tying it up: There should be a hole in the bow near your neck, loop behind the bow. Fold the middle of the hanging end of the bow tie and push it through the loop.

6. Swagger: Tighten and loosen the bow tie until it looks the way you want it to.

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