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Blue Cheese Award

Introducing the Blue Cheese Award

Tune in Fridays to see who I pick for the #BlueCheeseAward. Who knows... maybe it's you.

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  1. Dear Steve,

    When I had to retire in 2013 because my special needs adult son became ill-I WAS LOST. Yes, me- who counseled thousands of federal employees nationwide for 20- years. I couldn’t heal my son nor myself. But, I started listening to your thoughts, shows, etc. I kept taping and re-listening. I found my way back. THANK YOU! AND, I tried to tweet an apology from Bmore. You were doing the Kings of Comedy. I think you were going through stuff. You came on and Bmore booed you. I HATED THAT!. So, praying someone sends my words to you. Love you and all that you have done. AND WILL DO! God has your back.

  2. Hey Steven I am Steven Harvey Nation fan and a Capricorn I am so happy for U when u can openly cry that just touch my spirit men have feeling to. When the Lord have his hands
    on his anointedd one be careful unbelievable. U might don’t see your shine but as believer I do you speak boldly about Lord the on National TV riches is good but the peace of God is perfect . Steve let The Lord make u Testimony . U inspired a lot of us thank u. First time seeing the Motivational Video wonderful Blue Cheese wonderful ❣️ Don’t forgot Anthony Anderson Blue Cheese I seen him on your show Fresh. Will share Good choice Cam Newton love his the hat and scarf fine.

  3. De Jackson, Im sorry about your son! I am care provider, & brother of a sister with Down Syndrome & i took care of her, & my mother on my own for a yr before mom passed in 2012. Since then ive been taking care of her alone with our little sister being an evil well u know what to us in every way she can be! So i know where UR coming from as far as having to take care of special needs goes my friend! I wish U luck wirh Everything! Hey Mr. Steve i might give U a run of your $ as far as ties go my friend! Lol… yeah right btw tell Mr. Jamie Foxx he is the man! Love the shots of him & his sister! #2kute! Steve U the man!

  4. Steve I’m a collector of neckties and I know you love your necktie from watching you dress we have very similar taste I would like to send you one of my collection l have from old school and up please let me know where I can send you one with confidence. P s. I love the blue cheese award smile also steve I can see the blue cheese award extended to the general public thanks

  5. Hey Steve I email you back in june 1 2021 about The Blue Cheez Award I hope you continue the Award please check the first email I sent I know you are very busy but trust me you will love say and send hope hear from you God Bless Charles Mcknight

  6. Hey Steve
    Hope you still doing the Blue Cheese Awards I’m a fashion designer from South Africa please check the email I sent when you have time would looove your input on the jackets made of prints looking forward to hearing from you

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