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Blue Cheese Award

Introducing the Blue Cheese Award

Tune in Fridays to see who I pick for the #BlueCheeseAward. Who knows... maybe it's you.

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  1. Dear Steve,

    When I had to retire in 2013 because my special needs adult son became ill-I WAS LOST. Yes, me- who counseled thousands of federal employees nationwide for 20- years. I couldn’t heal my son nor myself. But, I started listening to your thoughts, shows, etc. I kept taping and re-listening. I found my way back. THANK YOU! AND, I tried to tweet an apology from Bmore. You were doing the Kings of Comedy. I think you were going through stuff. You came on and Bmore booed you. I HATED THAT!. So, praying someone sends my words to you. Love you and all that you have done. AND WILL DO! God has your back.

  2. Hey Steven I am Steven Harvey Nation fan and a Capricorn I am so happy for U when u can openly cry that just touch my spirit men have feeling to. When the Lord have his hands
    on his anointedd one be careful unbelievable. U might don’t see your shine but as believer I do you speak boldly about Lord the on National TV riches is good but the peace of God is perfect . Steve let The Lord make u Testimony . U inspired a lot of us thank u. First time seeing the Motivational Video wonderful Blue Cheese wonderful ❣️ Don’t forgot Anthony Anderson Blue Cheese I seen him on your show Fresh. Will share Good choice Cam Newton love his the hat and scarf fine.

  3. De Jackson, Im sorry about your son! I am care provider, & brother of a sister with Down Syndrome & i took care of her, & my mother on my own for a yr before mom passed in 2012. Since then ive been taking care of her alone with our little sister being an evil well u know what to us in every way she can be! So i know where UR coming from as far as having to take care of special needs goes my friend! I wish U luck wirh Everything! Hey Mr. Steve i might give U a run of your $ as far as ties go my friend! Lol… yeah right btw tell Mr. Jamie Foxx he is the man! Love the shots of him & his sister! #2kute! Steve U the man!

  4. Steve I’m a collector of neckties and I know you love your necktie from watching you dress we have very similar taste I would like to send you one of my collection l have from old school and up please let me know where I can send you one with confidence. P s. I love the blue cheese award smile also steve I can see the blue cheese award extended to the general public thanks

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