Hey Steve: Is it too Late for My Dream Career?

A professional race car driver in the Golden Years?

I try to encourage people during my “Hey Steve” segments, but this time it turned into a comedy.

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  1. All my life is to see you and hug u Steve
    Cos I like your funns

  2. My daughter’s only wish for her sweet 16 is to see Steve Harvey. Please if anyone knows how I can make this happen PLEASE share

    1. You can get tickets to see a taping to Steve’s show for free here: https://1iota.com/Show/658/Steve

  3. Although the jokes were funny, I feel bad for this lady. She put her heart’s passion on screen and Steve ripped it apart. Did anyone pay attention to the fact that she only truly laughed at the first two jokes? We are in a day and time where we understand that age is not a deterrent. I say start off slow like Steve began to suggest and see where you can go from their beautiful lady. You must be such a great inspiration in life.

  4. Where is the woman who appeared on the show at age 100 and 101? I would love to see her on the show for her 102 birthday.

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