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Never wait on the right time, cause the right time ain’t never coming. The devil’s job is to rob you of your destiny. So there will always be an obstacle. So if you are waiting on the right time, you’ll never make your move. Move on your idea now, don’t wait. JUMP!

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  1. There really is no right time time, I totally agree with that..We share a similar story but mine has not turned out great yet. But looking at what God did for you I have hope. Thanks for sharing your story/stories uncle. Am out here in Africa, Zambia in a city called ndola. And am tremendously blessed by your life.

    My dream is to help people live a quality of life God intended for them. It’s pretty challenging especially in this community where people have lost there identity.

    To achieve this am currently in my first year at a school of nursing.Thankyou again for your openness to the world. I will be so happy when I shake your hand.

  2. This is very encouraging for my situation. I am a fan steve harvey . i love your shows . i go on your facebook just to listen to what you have to say thats encouraging.

  3. Sir, I do love your shows, so inspiring and something for me to learn

  4. I believe you Steve! I feel like I will have so many obstacles and haters! I need to be pushed out of the nest and not be able to come back because of the thorns! Need help! I am to be a motivational speaker but gave been helping others!

  5. The right time ,( Yhvh )GOD is the Arthur and finisherxof our !faith!The right time only He knows ,he shows up at the appointed time when we least expected,the thing is we must be focoused.I an wating on the LORD’S direction to take me through this plan he have in mind for me Excellent job STEVE great platforns,very motivated, encouraging God bless you.

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