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Behind every moment of adversity in your life, two things will happen. There is a lesson and a blessing. Every moment of adversity has those two things that come with it. My moment of adversity brought back 10 fold. That’s why you have to ride out bad moments in your life. Cause God always has a gift, behind every moment of pain you have.

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  1. yes Steve . my lesson? well there are plenty more to come . my gift. happiness comes in missteriss ways. BIG LOVE steve peace ☮️ to all are fans 🚍

  2. This word of encouragement was on point this am. A few years back I wrote you a letter but decided not to send it because I felt you wouldn’t have received it that it was a waste of time. “TEACHABLE BUT NOT REACHABLE” I love the fact that you never forgot where you came from that you speak on it which encourage those of us who struggle everyday. “MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU STEVE IN EVERY WAY”🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    1. Hello Steve and Fans,

      Must I say “Well said!” When I got this message in my inbox, I left it unread because I’ve been angry with God from the things I’ve prayed and asked him for when I was a youngster “Lord, allow me to finish High school, go to college and obtain a career, meet my husband, get married, and have a family”.
      Well, as the saying goes “Be careful what you pray for or ask God for, because you just might get it”. That’s true to a certain degrees, because I thought at one time I couldn’t have children because of all the incidents that happened while trying to rush being a adult. After seeing many associates and cousins having babies, I prayed unto the lords once again “Lord, I don’t know if I can have children but I’ll love to have two children: a son and a daughter with such and such (my girls dad who hasn’tbeen in their livessince day one)”.
      While thinking I couldn’t have children, my whole world turned for what I thought couldn’t happened, just wasn’t in the timing I was expecting it. All that I prayed for, when it came to obtaining a degree, husband, and children. Everything turned around in such odd ways, it was like I didn’t get the degree I wanted because I allowed self to feel as if it’s not for me. So I in up getting a vocational certificate/Diploma for what I went to school for. I did get several jobs and some opportunities to stay with multiple companies, but allowed my pride to get the best of me. As time went on, I had one child (a daughter) whom I didn’t want because I felt something about this child in a bad way, and I didn’t want her. I basically wanted to put her up for adoption, but listened to family and the guy I prayed to God for (who’s not the father) to not give my child away, because my mom didn’t do it (I’m the only child ). Which this man remained the good guy to stick around to be in both my daughters life. And I live with much regret keeping both girls, because I’ve never been married and have wasted 20 years of my life with someone who made it seem as if he wanted to marry me. Put a ring on my finger, waited over 8 years for marriage, and nothing never happened. Changed my life on and off basis, children made me felt unwanted 😪 because man focus most of his attention on both girls that wasn’t his. I felt betrayed after wasting my time keeping the children I knew in my gut wasn’t for me and man, and now I’ve decided it’s time I move forward. Because there’s something greater on the other side waiting for me, because there’s someone for everything.
      I thank God for this message and hope to have doors open sooner or later, because I’ve been sitting still trying to finish three classes to receive my degree in business. It’s been a challenge maintaining a 4.0 GPA, but I know this lesson I’ve learned while losing hope has allowed me to keep pressing while trying to get to the finish line. I’ve made so much sacrifice to be a better person for myself, even while man and my only two daughters have let me down. I stand to continue on this journey I’m on, because I know sooner or later- a breakthrough will come.
      I no longer pray for anything that’s a want but a need, because needs are greater than some wants. Nothing wrong with wanting, but if it’s not something to benefit you as life goes on, than it’s not a necessary want.
      While going through my hurt and betrayal, I brought my oldest daughter a car and she’s so ungrateful 😔 to help me- now that I’m out of a job . My youngest child a bit ungrateful as well (both daughters love spending their money on unnecessary things). They both have jobs, I still ride around in a vehicle over 10 years old and pays the insurance on both vehicles. Do man or the girls say thank you or here go something thoughts the insurance? Hell no, they only want to keep their money and buy expensive wigs, shoes, and clothing. I have asked the oldest child if she’ll be willing to help with the insurance? Since I’m living off savings money-the money I made off contract jobs while making a sacrifice to live in my car to avoid paying high hotel cost. Which their ugly ways won’t last for long! Niether one are concerned about helping me in return, because that’s nothing neither one are worried about. All man speaks on behalf of is “you should have waited to have gotten her a car” but never looked at what I was doing for the good. To allow both girls to have a way back and forward to work to take the load off my shoulders. Since I’m trying to finish school, but yet, that’s not a concern he cares to hear. But everything I’ve faced has taught me a serious lesson, and I hate to allow my heart to be heavy, troubled, or cold. But sometimes I often wonder what’s the purpose? Because trails, tribulations, and challenges will always be a part of your life and I realized I have no other choice. But to remain focus, take it day by day, continue to learn from my mistakes and unnecessary prayers. Take it with a grain of salt and keep moving forward… PERIOD.

  3. Every storm will wash away what got you t here if you let it go and ride it out by faith alone.

  4. Thank you, Steve, for pointing the way to God!

  5. Steve Harvey is actually a “Minister in Disguise”!

  6. Steve really makes me laugh. I am in Atlanta and I love your new house.

  7. Thank you Steve, I deeply admire that you share your testimonies and faith with everyone. You truly are an inspiration for so many people. It is so cool that you have kept your promises to God and you give Him all the glory. I have had many testimonies in my life when Jesus saved me. I struggle with PTSD. I am a soldier in the army of God, which means I am usually in some kind of battle. I do not understand a lot of it but believe that some day I will and I just keep believing and trusting God. In Christ, Kimberly Crist

  8. Steve Harvey you are the best!!!!!! Thank you so much.

  9. Steve, Thanks for keeping this 54 year old moving on my 300 Challenge. I have 8 days left on your 300 Challenge you issued September 2019 I have gotten 12% done. Thanks for the Adversity Moment- “In Adversity there is a lesson and always a blessing” The great news for me is it is not 8 days but actually 125 workable hours- Appreciate you being a Barnabas on this journey- Also thank you for being part of the reason for my impact journey- It all started years ago- A couple who bought an old photo mat booth and turned it into a coffee hut (this was in early 90’s) I asked them how they get started on a new business- Their reply When we get an idea in our head and are going back and forth about wether to take the jump or not we Simply play Van Halen’s “Jump” that message resonated with me. Fast forward to 2019 I was working at a company as a Product Specileist and at my desk all days. My background music playing and the song Jump came on. It reminded me of the story- I then googled Jump and Impact Your clip came up about You got to Jump after listening to that- I picked up some of your other clips- One of those was your 300 CHALLENGE. in September , 2019. I wrote down the 300 items and a couple of others as a bonus- Thank you well gotta go cant waste the last of my 125 hours thanks for the impact and challenge

  10. Thank you Steve for your Motivational inspiring message.. I watch your Family Feud shows all the time. I know you are in SA right now, I live in Strandfontein, Cape Town. Wish I could be on your show as I have so many financial constraints, have been unemployed for 6 years now. Would like to get married again but don’t have the finance.. But never the less thank you for this video..

    Kind regards Tertia

  11. I needed to hear this motivational message from Steve. My boyfriend just came up with any lame excuse to break up with me instead of just telling me what was the real reason. It hurt and baffled me and I was very upset, but hearing this message I felt it was for me. I have never received these messages before from Steve Harvey on my pc, so I know this message was for me.

    Thank you Steve!

  12. Amazing I love Steve Harvey. God bless him and his family

  13. Such an powerful and awesome words of inspiration. I needed to hear that today. I’m still waiting on God to send that man he has for me. I gave up looking and picking now I say God I’m going to wait and trust in you. Because my choices weren’t working. Thanks Steve Harvey! Much Love from Chesapeake Virginia.

  14. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 28, 2020. I am mad as hell. I.AM.MAD. But, I know That God is faithful! I trust Him and I trust his Word! So, I’ll take this email, screenshoot it and hold on to it. I know there may come a time where I will need to be reminded. Thank you, Steve! God bless you!

  15. This was amazing steve!! You have so many God given gifts! You are like a tree planted by rivers of water. Your leaves never wither and everything you do prospers. You mentor young men, because of you they will grow up to be better men. They will have a brighter future and more success. Thank you! You are amazing!!

  16. Thank you Steve Harvey, I needed to hear that today. May God continue to Bless you and your Family.

  17. A word at the right time. Thank you, Steve. Another nugget of truth that God has given me today, a day that I need to be encouraged. What’s amazing is I don’t think I’ve received any other emails from you. Yes, I checked my emails and folders, but I don’t see any from you previously. Thank you. Thank God.

  18. Yes uncle Steve! And I gotten to point of patiently keeping my heads above the waters and waiting. To the world: no suicidal thoughts or attempts for me anymore! I will continue until to live on until I see my beautiful children become men!

  19. That’s true about lessons and blessings because for learn something new it’s a open knowledge about thing that’s a blessing.

  20. I fully agree. Every level of stress or set back in my life leads to greater blessings. I was just blessed with another gift from God , my healthy baby, and behind that blessing…..My Supervisor called and let me go from my job and I had just given birth not more than a week and a half. He offered my position to another employee because he “needed help”. That particular department is actually over staffed. I know this is illegal practice and if the CEO or above gets wind of this, his job would be jeopardized. I’ve learned nobody can handle a situation better than God. My latter shall be greater. My God shall supply all of our needs un this house.
    Thanks for this email! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  21. hI sTEVE…SOMWTIMES i feel that i am too hard on myself. I have decided to stop and write a plan to handle the stresses of life… With GOD Ihe can choose my direction… I feel the stress on my body… I am trying to laugh a little more ….. boy I have to enjoy life. I am 55 years old and I think that I can do it all….but I cannot. I pray everyday that God help me and order my footsteps. Everyone has trials but i want to handle them differently. God grant me peace
    I want to embrace it and know that he is wiser than me .As my career ended last year …I need prayers to find direction in my new adventure that GOD has for me.

  22. God loves us all no matter what even in the rough. you matter to God he wants you to follow him he wants you to believe in him. no matter where we go we can not hide from God and his power.

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