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Listen To Yourself | Motivated

“I’ve acted out my life on stages with 10,000 people watching, and we are alone and I’m singing this song for you.” Donny Hathaway wrote this song and as a little boy, I always imagined myself in front of 10,000 people. I’m one of the original Kings of Comedy and have told jokes in front of crowds bigger than that. I always had the dream but my family and friends did not. If I would’ve listened to them I wouldn’t be where I am now. Sometimes you just have to listen to yourself and follow your dreams.

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  1. Salute!

  2. I would love for Steve to have a motivational app

    1. Thanks for the great idea! He does have an app now that you can use to play Harvey’s Hundreds: https://steveharvey.com/harveyshundreds/

    Thanks you for the inspiration!

  4. We are going through a difficult health crisis right now, but I know God will heal the world!

    Taking chances on a goal can be risky, but know I know it the greatest feeling in the world to work in your dream career!

    Thank you for always uplifting people and providing HOPE through your message to the people.

    Be blessed……

  5. I am so happy that Steve Harvey is so successful, and motivational. I love to listen to his Radio Show in the morning, especially Nephew Tommy prank phone calls. I love to laugh, and with all segments of the show, it really is a laugh fest. I love the Strawberry letters, and wonder why some women and me are so foolish.

    Keep on giving good advice and making us laugh.

  6. Just listen and open your mind. Thanks Steve

  7. Glory Be To God 🙌🏾 Steve Harvey is the truth God really uses him and I Love his motivation speeches!!!!!!

  8. I love listening to Steve’s motivational talks before he closes his morning show. I have a 31 year old granddaughter who got in trouble at 18, spent a few months in jail, granted shock probation, went on to pay all her fines and restitution costs. Got a job selling cars for about three years all the while raising her three children. She decided to switch gears to selling insurance. The FDIC took 3.5 months before giving her a temporary OK to do so. The State of Kentucky Agent Licensing denied her. She had experienced so many denials because of her past that happened eleven years ago. The owner of State Farm wanted to push her to own her own agency which didn’t happen. With her income tax refund, she invested over $11,000 to start a pet boutique in our town (none like it around us). Now the coronavirus has put a stop to her opening April 1st. She hasn’t completed putting the store together being shy of finances. She doesn’t feel qualified for unemployment or SBA small business loan (credit not great). But she is not letting it stop her. She is putting all her energy into moving forward. This is all because of your motivational speeches you have given that I pass on to her. God bless you and continue inspiring this country.

  9. I love it!!!! Thanks for the encouragement…motivates me to keep going!!! It was also a pleasure meeting you. My family and I were contestants on Family Feud a few years ago…The Brown’s from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Blessings Steve!

  10. Awesome, I agree.

  11. Love steve and his inspirations

  12. It works! Look at Ben Graham and what he has done!

  13. Uncle Steve stay dropping gems. I wonder if he’s going to run out of wisdom to share with viewers; doesn’t look like it.


  15. Steve you are so right and because my son is named Broderick just like you, means God has put you in my dream I will win PCH after playing for 13 years and 7 months, which you are now a affiliated with

  16. Thank you for the reminder Steve that the clues to my best self are in my vision, not my sight!

  17. I love watching and listening to you Steve, you’re motivated me I love you ❤👐🙏

  18. I love watching and listening to you Steve, you’re motivated me I love you ❤👐🙏 you’re the best may God continue to bless you and your family..

  19. I have watched Steves videos multiple times. I believe in everything he stands for. It NEVER gets old listening to his message. I believe in your natural gift from God. Vision boards and the works. God sent opportunities to me right before the virus hit. My natural gift of design exploded and compliments from starngers made me realize this was his plan. Its pretty awesome feeling! Soooo Im going for it and going to ask Steve if I could have the honor to design ONE room for him. Ohios best kept secret, Jill Pangas

  20. Hi, love watching all your shows but haven’t watched lately because of poor service in my area since moving back home. Really miss your show but keep up the Good Work.

  21. I LOVE THE GOD IN YOU. That go where others still just standing & talking. Won’t make a move. make a step 2. Be better.
    Keep on BLESSING U 2 encourage & bless others.💝😊

  22. I love how blunt and real Mr. Harvey is. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. His motivation reaches people of different ages, race, religion, etc. I love it and what he’s doing. Would love to be apart of the audience I his show one day.

  23. I saw myself with my own office. I would envision it at night. When I graduated from graduate school everyone spoke of where they wanted to work. I said I wanted to go into private practice. I’m retired and owned my own private practice for 16 years! Now I envision myself welding! See it! Believe it! Do it! Thanks for the motivation Steve Harvey! I listen to your motivational DVDs too!

  24. Steve you speak words of wisdom my brother. Continue to give hope to the hopeless and to pursue your dreams.

  25. Steve I want a house but because of past credit no one will rent to my me. I make the money I just nerd favor from God.

  26. Yes lord I feeling you I told my husband my dream of opening a daycare first thing he said you to old for a business. But guess God still in my plan the money is going to come God is going to bless me with that daycare , I don’t care how old I get I am 64 now I don’t care if it take me until I get 70 God is still in the mist my baby boy wrote this song my husband will not know until my open the boor to my new daycare business thanks for the courage word my love..

  27. Thank you Steve. Your comments are always well-received, inspiring, and bring hope to us all to step out in our faith and go for it! Love you and your lovely wife.

  28. I have always loved Steve Harvey even when his mouth was bad, I don’t like cussing but he had a quality that I admired, he just did “him”!!

    I used to do things in my younger years that I couldn’t do now at 66. Life does bring about change. And now he brings so much to our lives from making me laugh t giving real inspiration to others based on his experience. I applaud him and thank him for all he shares. I especially love his efforts to our young Black men. I had 4 grandsons, lost one at 22 and feel he stepped in for those who don’t have their fathers giving life lessons to guide them. Right On!

  29. I have watched you on YouTube ever since my husband passed away 9-15-18 @ 94. He was a POW during WW2. A slave laborer to Japan 3&1/2 years. A Bataan Death Death March Survivor.
    I have laughed so hard at times my sides hurt!
    Thank you for making me laugh again!

  30. Mr. Steve Harvey, you are a great speaker very motivating. I listen to you all the time. If possible I would love to see/hear your more on your shows. I love to see & hear also. Take care of yourself.

  31. I am wanting to look into Steve’s cbd products. I read he and his team have developed an extra strength formula. I suffer from nerve damage from a botched surgery and l have chronic back pain.

  32. I want to be successful in my business Grade A Handyman; and have a nice truck! Dodge Ram 2020 Truck. Anyone please help. On Facebook 757 VA Area.

  33. Steve the day we were in your show I told you about my vision board and how my vision of being there came true. You were so happy to hear that, so in the break you told the audience all about your vision board and even showed it to them. But because we were contestant we were busy and I did not get to see it or hear what you said. Is there a way I can see that clip? I will love to hear it. I follow you on the media hoping they would play it. It was the show when we filmed Season 21 Episode 96. Thanks. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Teri, you may be able to find episode on https://www.steveonwatch.com/. Thanks!

  34. Thank you Steve! Although we haven’t met yet, I want you to know I appreciate your friendship! God loves what you’re doing brother, and will continue to use you for his plan. I’m excited to have you as a sounding board in my life one day soon.

    Love you Brother!

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