Lou Young Is More Than An Athlete | A Story of Faith & Grind

Lou Young got my attention with his “Shleve Harvey” impersonations, but I could tell he had been through some things and was more than just an athlete doing funny skits. His journey is just getting started, but he has already proven that with grind and faith your vision will come true.

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  1. Sholom. Pleasant good morning….how you keep up ..i know God is keeping you up .you know why ???.so you can help people that need it .you give back that what i love about you …listen keep up the good work ok ..and stay with God we will never fail you..ok bless

  2. Shalom..happy morning…i don’t know how you do it….but god knows. How long you been helping people’s. You have a big heart 🤎❤🧡💛💚never stop ….have a bless day.

  3. Lou Young, got the best chance, and the grate blessing. You keep on climbing with it. Give Thanks for it every day.

  4. Thank you for inspiring messages. Hope God bless you more for helping other people

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