Failure is a Wonderful Teacher | Motivation For Times of Uncertainty

I have failed far more times than I have succeeded. You will never succeed more than you fail… That’s just not how it works. I’ve pitched more than 200 show ideas in Hollywood, out of those 200 they have picked 5 in 33 years of pitching. They don’t write about the shows that didn’t get picked, just the hits. So when you fail, it’s a part of the process. Keep going, you’re supposed to fail. Who you know that gets it right all the time? That’s impossible. Every time you fail, your one step closer to your goal.

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  1. Motivational indeed. Really need some assurance right now.

  2. Hi Mr SH
    Im not just motivated but you inspire me too. On a daily basis I realize that, out there are still people who dont know what it means to be inspire,instead, its so sad? When you try to motivate, people dont know how to react or to respond?
    Not long ago Ive tried to motivate someone on a matter and before I know , the words that came out of that person’s mouth was like POPCORN IN A HOT POT!
    I was speechless!
    Wish I can attend one of your motivational shows

  3. Thank you so much. I recieve it. I appreciate it.

  4. Awesome inspiration in just 5 minutes , thanks Steve , one of the best failure speeches , I have heard yet And it’s just that simple..

  5. Love this, truly motivational…Keep those type of messages coming Mr. Harvey

  6. Thank you Steve Harvey for speaking the right word to me at the right time. Lately, I’d been looking around for speeches of people who failed multiple times before getting it right and finally, now have become highly successful individuals. Listening to you gave me assurances of a better tomorrow. Failures are there to only make us quit, that’s one of my biggest discoveries. I hope to meet you in person one day.
    Thanks for being there, Uncle Steve!

  7. Mr. Harvey,

    Thank you for your comment. I needed this. God gives us what we need at the right time. I have applied for approximately 100 job promotions, in the last eight years and have gotten only approximately 10 interviews and three of those interviews have been within the last four months. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train approaching. I now understand with all the rejections. Every “no” gets me one step closer to a “yes”. Mr. Harvey you have a way of helping me to feel better and motivated every time I hear your motivational/inspirational messages. What comes from the heart touches the heart and you have touched my heart too numerous to count. Thank you and God bless you and your family. Stay safe and stay healthy.


  8. I must say “Without failures, you’ll never know how much you can learn.” When you fall once, you have to get up and try again, and when you fail the test, you have to study a little harder. Than take the information you thought you had enough to apply, take the extra info and put it together and see if it makes sense- than take the test again and see if you pass. If so, that means you’ll willing to accept failure along the way as a lesson taught- a lesson learned.
    A lot of people don’t understand how to apply failure with “I am a winner of life choices”. Life and many situations will fail and come to an end time after time. But it’s your choice to decide to be a winner or settle as a failure.

  9. Thank you Steve for those encouraging words. Just like God word says , “All things work together for the good of those who love Christ.”
    Failing is in God’s plan.

  10. I understand why I failed now…

  11. God bless you. You are here for a reason. Keep lifting up America, and we will never fall. I really enjoy you and your team. You wake me up in the morning, you keep me moving during the day. Gifted and blessed.

  12. Sometimes I feel like that I have failed my self with trying to accomplish my goals

  13. This was awesome to hear. It literally made me cry. I didn’t do well with failure, so I guess my fear of failure had hindered me most of my life. But, in recent years, failure hasn’t been an obstacle. I just pull myself up and keep going. With Steve’s life’s experiences and successes, he knows what he is talking about, and this has made him a notch motivator who can inspire us all.

  14. Pray for me going into a Zoom meeting tomm 7/31/20. @ 2:00pm. In this time I really need a job and I believe GOD is putting me in this direction to grow in this field. I feel this is a great opportunity for me to grow and be challenged utilizing my previous work experiences and my degree.
    In his name I pray if it’s your will. Amen

  15. Really needed to hear this since I was terminated after 15 years of dedicated enjoyment I given to them. I will miss my pediatric patients, but like you said maybe it was time for me to move on, maybe show some kindness to my senior citizens. Thank you Mr Harvey, I really needed to hear the words, now I have to have it stuck in my head and in my heart, I feel like I disappointment to myself.

  16. I failed many times, and people make fun of me.That why I am bye my self .My only friend is god.

  17. If you succeed the very first time, chances are its not worth having

  18. Hi Steve thank you for that I know what that Like I have my ups and downs in Life now that I’m mature things are looking clear but it’s hard but I’m trying I love you thank you again hope to be in the family feel some day God knows I need to I love you show lol you put a smile on my face every day

  19. . In this time I really fell that you are more than inspiring angel for me to go straight to my goals and be a very interesting artist painter and writer …when I began to follow you I hadn’t yet published any book or gave a international art show….now I had published 13 books in critical’s art writing, poetry, story, Novak ….and I gave many art exhibition in china , Europe, USA in new York …… since I follow you I follow you you give me more power to continue challenge.

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