Once I write my vision down, can’t nobody tell me different!!!

Once I write my vision down, can’t nobody tell me different!!!

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  1. OMG!!! Needed to hear this …. I was feeling a little defeated this morning!!!! I’m bout to write it down !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amen, I’m reading Neville Goddard and it is amazing Your thoughts are creating your life. If you think Big, then your reality will come to fruition. In JESUS HOLY NAME Amen..I Sharon Cummings-Roberts is WEALTHY and Rich because I BELIEVE and it is already Done.

  3. I write my goals, vision and what I am grateful for every morning.

  4. Make a movie to glorifier God

  5. Steve I just love listening to your motivational speeches. Every time I am in courage I am a 64 year young woman all my life I want to be a teacher and I was retired now God gave me so many gifts. I have a beautiful voice always singing, going to talent shows I audition for America, I haven’t got paid yet, but I know one day I will because God is in the blessing business. Thanks, Steve.

  6. Thanks Mr.Harvey I’m a 64 year young woman I’m still auditioning for America Got Talent I see myself on the stage I see me when I win I’m doing things for the homeless that is my goal.

  7. I love listening to your motivation, speeches of vision, myself, American got Talent as a winner I feel so strongly about that. It doesn’t matter how old I am. I’m still alive and God is not finished with me yet.

  8. I am very impressed by this topic. This a message I choose to share with our young generations as “l
    old men have dreams and young men have visions”Acts 2:17 Writing the vision creates action to a thought. (Habakkuk 2:2-3 Being transform by the renewing of your mind-Romans 12:2 I believe this motivation talk is Awesome and a good recipe towards success in life. Thank you Steve Harvey

  9. Dear Steve,
    While working at the Hollywood Bowl as a Travel Chef from the SF Bayarea. Los Angeles has Food Trucks everywhere!
    God give a me a Vision, Told me to buy a Food Truck when i go back to the bay after the Summer concert series is over, every night he told me how, where, how what he want me to do when i find it, buy one two mos later, But Life set in I lost my Parents, Older Sister greive three years. God told me to Get Up and get Your Blessings and Gift’s they will make room for you. I came into a financial Blessing and I poured my money into it, Now my Food Truck is Repaired ready for me to Go Get My Blessings,.
    Pray for me, Chef Melinda Stinson need your support, God told me that I will be Blessed with financial gain, and He told me with my over Flood I will stop near a Homeless camp feed the People my Extra Food daily!!

    Peace and Blessings,

    Melinda Stinson

  10. Thank you Steve. One of my prayers are when God does manifest what He has placed in my heart, is that He will also bless me with the honor of thanking you, & Marjorie, along with Smokey & Francis/the Motown Philadelphia families, Joel & Victoria/the Osteen family, The Clark Sisters, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Oprah, Tyler Perry/Donnie Simpson, others who have and continue to be MAJOR, GREAT positive inspiration to me💛. Who are have been/still are very instrumental in changing my life in great unprecented ways💛. I love and appreciate you all so very, very dearly💛. May God BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY, REAL GOOD💛. Keep on glorifying God💛. Keep on Shining His bright light💛.

    Thank you.

    God bless💛.

  11. Hey Mr Harvey

  12. Steve I love you and you have really encouraged me with your own testimony and vision. I have been in a head on collision against a drunk driver and I have not walked in eight years and I had a stroke. Please pray for me because I want to walk again.

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