Power Of Your Mind | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Do these things to be successful…

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  1. He’s got the love of God and common sense. Great combination.

  2. 💎

  3. I have just recently become a follower of Steve’s Inspirational Motivational YouTube Videos & Love Every Single Minute ❤️ Who can get enough of Steve & Marjorie Harvey?

  4. I have to admit I agree!! Positivity attracts positive things!! The power of the mind is an amazing thing!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Mr Harvey you are simply the best. I love what you do. Have watched all your shows. My wish is that one day God will make it posdible for me yo meet you. God bless you. All the way from Uganda.

  6. I want you to know that creative Senior Citizens have an immense
    Plethora of obstacles that contribute
    to Depression. At 86 and a retired teacher I have not given up!
    My Life experiences WILL be told in order to help others. GOD shows me
    everyday how to move forward via
    this “Borrowed Time” I’m LIVING ON
    with FAITH and Determination and
    the ENERGY JESUS has provided for me to complete my PURPOSE with
    LOVE, regardless of the inevitable
    ongoing Blocks intended to DETER.

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